Legions 1.40 Now On Public Test


Legions Developer
You heard right, check out the blog post here.



Lead Developer
If you crash in a game of anything and the server comes back up , make sure to close your legions first if you want to be able to see your deployables when you are in placement mode. Should be fixt sometime.

Also , set up your options in hud options section.

Bind a key for spawn select (CNC/FCNC only) and activate remote deployable (engineer only)

If you go check out Sanctuary(Grassy) put it on CNC mode for cap points to work.
You guys didn't want to include the skybolt's reduced rate of fire or the laser rifle change(back the way it was in FE[YES, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH])? - That's part of the update, everybody.

I'm impressed with the update and can't wait to see where this takes us after we kill most of the bugs. Great job ;)

Volt Cruelerz

Legions Developer
Changing reticles is the same now as it was before. Go into the appropriate folder and replace the current picture with the desired one.
Looked amazing so far, absolutely love it. Appears to be worth the wait indeed.

However, I must sleep now or else I'll end up staying up all night playing it. I haven't even been playing much prior to this and I'm already liking it, everything just seems so new and pretty.

Big thanks to the devs.


Nice work devs, looks great...
Love the new grassy map, its my fav base map now.
Modding new deployables will be complexed in this new system, Its not for the novice modders.
In my Tribes Mod, I will most likely keep my old deployment tool and system for now, but who knows after I dig in to the new code.:)

Volt Cruelerz

Legions Developer
Anyone interested in modding deployables should first look at deployableObjects.cs as it is kind of the go-to file for a lot of stats for deployables. More can be found in engineer.cs and other files, but if you want to add in new deployables, you'll have to make sure to give it an entry in compressName and deployObject.

As for energy networks.. Don't mess with energy networks ;_;

oops, my writing is getting fuzzy again, i meant included packages such as with the HUD.
You can still edit the hud if that's what you want. Heck, you can go back to the old one if you really wanted to (not that you should, the new one is so much better).