King of the hill


I was thinking about new game modes and I thought king of the hill would work quite well, like the teams have to hold the ground for 15 minutes and then would win the game but it might be quite hard to make work. Anyway I'll be thinking a bit more on it :)

k e v i n

Private Tester
another suggestion sort of related to this.........

maybe it could be like a team rabbit with alpha and beta sides, but 1 flag. time would be added on for the team that holds onto the flag the longest


Yeh.. I was thinking could there be like a permitted area to where the flag was allowed (basically a zone) and it couldn't leave it.. Sort of like a 120m square space, maybe I don't know haha :L


Legions Developer
Sounds interesting, though it's been suggested before I believe. It would certainly be nice to have more gameplay modes in the future.