Ground fog.


Test Lead
This is a neat little option I don't think anyone has ever really messed with before. Go to the Sky settings and scroll down to fogVolume1. Change the three numbers to something like 170 0 90. On Elegiac this is what it produced:

Toy around with the numbers to your liking. Depending on the overall height of the map you'll have to experiment a bit. To change the color simply change the normal fog color option (they're tied together). As far as I can tell the other fogVolumes don't do anything.


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Yeah not sure if it's your gfx or just the torque engine, but it looks like there's a *dancing* hole in the map.


Private Tester
I agree it looks better... I recall having pretty high fog levels at some point in Elegiac's development but scaled it back for release, can't remember why.