Geting stuck mid game.

This happened to me multiple times.
I am playing the game and all of a sudden my character gets stuck.
I can still see the light spinning on my rocket launcher and i can see the console messages abou flag capping, chat messages, i see the health bar drop when i get hit and i see the lightning bolt between my jets if im using them but im just stuck there and i cant respavn or anything
only solution is to leave game and join again.
any 1 else get this problem?


Private Tester
All action freezes for the player, sounds continue to play, text also continues in the chat box, but the player affected is stuck in this limbo between lagging out and disconnecting. I finally had to leave the game because it didn't seem like it was going to correct itself. I finally frapsed it and uploading atm.

iirc this is a recurring bug from IA legions. As far as I can tell it's random in its occurance, I was in mid-launch of grenade spec toward the enemy capper on this occasion. I ran into this twice so far.


Had exactly this problem back when I started up playing FE:L.

My issue was that I had an internet connection that first went through the building's VPN. I was basically connected straight to the wall, without a modem. All I needed to do in order for my internet to work is have my VPN username, password and my bills paid. The real problem was with some piece of hardware (modem i suppose) or a loose cable in the building. My internet was randomly disconnecting for a really short time (much less then a second). In other games this resulted in really short lag spikes/server disconnects, in Legions this results in the above. I could see quite clearly in Task Manager (under the 'networking' tab) that the network usage a short drop in usage from ~25% to ~5%; that's how I came up with what was happening (also sometimes my Skype randomly logged off, a page in a browser didn't load all the images etc.). Also have to mention that I was using Vista.

Once you get 'stuck' the only solution is to rejoin/restart. For me the issue has been somewhat resolved after making several complaints to our ISP, but it could also be your modem that's overheating or just malfunctioning. Though IMO the devs should also look into it.