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shaska: im so *dancing* annoyed
shaska: theres this kid who has aspergers
shaska: and he keeps texting my friend
shaska: he goes to our school
shaska: and throughout the whole summer
shaska: he texted him non stop
shaska: he asked him *chocolate cookies* like
shaska: and im just so *dancing* annoyed


shaska texting the "asperger kid":

shaska: he told mehe never wants to hangout with you

weird kid: yah,but he said hed think anout giving me another chance

shaska: we have all of your textsabout you asking himto take a picture of him shirtlessthat's really weird dude

weird kid:
know i dont know why i said that, i just wanted motivation for workingout

My step-brother has aspergers. Tell his parents to put him on the proper medication and stop being high school, Shaska.


Legions Developer
<@SeymourGore> blah, apparently seymour ran over a porcupine and messed up his truck's allignment
<Astrum|Lap> how did a porcupine mess your your alignment?
another snippet from the world of seymour


Test Lead
<21:04:05> "St3lth": what are other good subreddits?
<21:04:09> "St3lth": can u plz send me some?
<21:04:16> "Fixious": depends what you're into
<21:04:22> "St3lth": anything
<21:04:25> "St3lth": wtf material
<21:05:09> "Fixious": there are the obvious ones. /r/morbidreality
<21:05:18> "Fixious": r/watchpeopledie
<21:06:13> "Fixious": r/picsofdeadkids
<21:06:19> "St3lth": wtf
<21:06:19> "St3lth": ok
<21:06:20> "St3lth": not so gore
<21:06:31> "Fixious": then you're not ready for the internet. sorry
<21:06:37> "St3lth": wow
<21:06:38> "St3lth": fine
<21:06:56> "Fixious": you may want to look into an internet filter, and setting as your homepage


test bester
This is why you join #Empire.1 all the in-game legions quotes. #Advertising #eurosbreathpls
[17:30] <@[NL]Empire-1> [Xiphon]: ever taken apart a g5
[17:31] <@[NL]Empire-1> [Xiphon]: ?
[17:31] <@[NL]Empire-1> [App]: The only thing I take apart is pussy
[17:31] <@[NL]Empire-1> [Xiphon]: oh good deal man congrats


Warrior of Linux
<Dabbleh> "Samsung occasionally provides new firmware in order to improve SSD performance, compatibility or user experience. A firmware update is recommended whenever a new one is released."
<Wildefur> honestly if the ssd is working without any problems or compatibility issues there's no reason to flash the firmware, even for a tiny amount of performance gain which you wouldn't notice
<@SeymourGore> yar, i love hardware but unfortunately i need to spend cash for it
<@SeymourGore> and the wife doesn't like me spending it
<Wildefur> I don't care how 'safe' it is, if the firmware is working without issues don't touch it
<@SeymourGore> though, i've got permission to buy some new hardware once i get some bills paid this month
<Wildefur> same thing goes for bios versions too
<@SeymourGore> 10$ fireblasto borked a update at some point
<Wildefur> nah
<Dabbleh> + that he's a tard
<Wildefur> I've never *danced* up flashing anything
<Wildefur> I flashed my bios once but that was only because my usb3 ports weren't working properly
<Gheist> [03:45:13] <Wildefur> I've never *danced* up flashing anything
<Gheist> even while flashing publically?
<Wildefur> indeed friend
<Gheist> *badumtss*
<Wildefur> :D
<Dabbleh> hahaa
<@SeymourGore> oh you naughty monkey!


Legions Developer
[16:55:46] <Poponfu> xz you were in my dream last night code reviewing me
[16:55:53] <@Xzanth> 0.0
[16:55:56] <Poponfu> it was so weird
[16:55:57] <Poponfu> your avatar from the forums


Legions Developer
[16:55:46] <Poponfu> xz you were in my dream last night code reviewing me
[16:55:53] <@Xzanth> 0.0
[16:55:56] <Poponfu> it was so weird
[16:55:57] <Poponfu> your avatar from the forums
homo coding buddies


<Application-1> that aint falco
<Application-1> that upsmash
<Application-1> wombo combo?
<Application-1> WOMBO COMBO?!
<Application-1> get hype
<SeymourGore> we really need to find you a gf
<Application-1> Jordan is helping
<Application-1> A canadian ladyfriend of Jordan is coming to the netherlands for 5 months
<Application-1> Do you have tips for me SeymourGore?
<SeymourGore> well, due to your funny accent, you'll already be ahead of the game
<SeymourGore> just ply her with beer
<SeymourGore> and don't be yelling out 'wombo combo's or any of that craziness
<Application-1> Not even when I manage to mount her?
<Application-1> Hmmm
<Dabbleh> <SeymourGore> just ply her with beer
<SeymourGore> not sure if a guy from the netherlands would be able to mount a canadian, it'd be more like the other way around
<Dabbleh> LOL
<Application-1> Ahahaha
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Warrior of Linux
<Application-1> When I have to describe mad
<Application-1> I always make sure I use 1 example with Dabbleh in it
<Application-1> They tend to get it after that


Test Lead
(12:03:18 PM) Xzanth left the room (quit: Excess Flood).
(12:03:46 PM) Xzanth- [~Xzanth@] entered the room.
(12:04:25 PM) Xzanth- left the room (quit: Excess Flood).
(12:04:42 PM) Xzanth [~Xzanth@] entered the room.
(12:04:56 PM) Application-1_: Xzanth is a cyber criminal now
(12:05:04 PM) Application-1_: Flooding the worlds of IRC
(12:05:10 PM) xz: :<
(12:05:18 PM) xz: not flooding anywhere
(12:05:20 PM) Xzanth left the room (quit: Excess Flood).
(12:05:38 PM) xz: for shits sake