Flag: Home


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Got bored recently, re-downloaded this game and hopped into a server by myself. Felt like making this post.

None of you remember me. I played for a couple years up to the end. My first experience was with a group of assholes that made me think the community was toxic garbage, so I was toxic af at first. This was unfortunate as this immediately labeled me as the toxic garbage.

That was okay though, as I learned to just stfu. I would join silently, play silently, and as time progressed I got good enough. I was never great, because those of you that were great were just on another level. But I started getting invited to pugs, i made my own routes, some of which were the fastest being flown by players that were currently active(there were faster, just no one around that could do them). I started chasing as it was much more invigorating than flag running.

I started smurfing to duel, I really enjoyed people trying to guess who I was and it tickled me whenever people guessed I was someone that I always looked up to when playing the game.


It's been a long time. I was a solitary player by my own doing, but I *dancing* loved this game. Love this game.

Legions Overdrive will always be where I call my Flag: Home.


P.S. *dance* you guys btw