Capping 101

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Hey guys, it's shaska / blaze / powah / a whole bunch of usernames I've used in the past. I'll be telling you guys the basics of capping, and I will be providing in game tutorials, pugs, pubs, you name it. Not just for chasing, but for any position!


Capper- Offense. Light is the more popular pick, but Medium is a viable choice. Grab the enemy flag, and return to your base with speed. When playing capper, know your routes, and call out your time. Your time is how far you are away from the enemy base. This is called out in seconds. Call out your time so the LO can start clearing the HoF for you. Cappers should mainly practice their skill with skiing, the two cores, and flag play.

Sin has this all correct, but also, spam back routes a lot.

I will be breaking down the key components of capping right here. There is a lot.

Skiing: First and foremost, learn to ski! You can't run survive a chaser if you don't know how to ski. Practice skiing by yourself in your own server, or practice in pubs. Get comfortable with whatever armor you have selected, and learn it's speed and jet consumption.

Learning routes: There are plenty of videos on youtube on different routes. I suggest watching JickerJacker, he's an amazing capper. The best way to learn routes, is to go into your own server, and just practice skiing around the different maps and getting a feel for the terrain. Don't have too many routes on each side, but don't have too little of routes either. I suggest having about 5 routes for each side of every map.

Decision making: The most important few seconds boils down to you grabbing the flag out clean. If you are on a side route, and nobody sees you, don't make any disruption to the defense, just grab it and your out. Basically you want to be like a ninja. And if the hof sees you, shoot a rocket at his face. Throw whatever spam you have at him, so A) you could either kill him or knock him off stand to grab, or B) clear the hof off for another capper.

Return routes: I don't know what the big deal is about getting high speeds. Yeah, it makes you look super cool in pugs when you grab at 300, but when you're out at 5% with the flag, unless your pop and you can manage to grab at like 330 with 20% left, I suggest don't run super fast routes. The return route is the most important part in any route, because does it matter how you grab the flag? It matters how you return. Grabbing at 100% is a smart choice, because it leaves you to have 1 rocket jump, maybe even 2 if the chaser isn't on you. Be smart.

Back routes: I spam back routes every map, all day, every day. Use them, they are over powered and will help your team win. Don't use it every time, but I use a back route about 50% of the time because it always keeps the defense on its toes. On every map you should have a solid back route or two.

Front routes: In pubs, front routes are fine. But when you are in an actual pug, playing against good players, front routes are not very effective vs a stacked defense. Only run front routes when you need an e grab, or if you're doing some other random *chocolate cookies*, don't run front routes usually.

Side routes: On maps like Zenith, Core, Forgotten, Fallout, ect. You need good side routes that get a clean grab out the side. Always make the route leaning towards one hill that A) completely changes your direction and slings you home, or B) has some good hills so you can pick up speed. Every map has good side routes, most of the time. For example, in a zenith pug, all of your routes should be going to the sides. Even your back routes should be stemming from the side, and coming in on the back. It takes a lot of time, but getting a clean grab with speed is necessary.

OD Juking: When on frostbyte, always try to juke the chasers. For example, you run a front route, od off to one side, and then cut straight over to the other. Don't od right away, because the chaser will catch on. (me) Always try to juke the chaser at the last second, the longer you wait, the more is messes up the chaser. I will post a video on it shortly.

Using the warp core: I have no knowledge of the warp core. Poponfu or Jicker will hopefully write something up for this.

Capper awareness: When capping, always call out what type of route you're running, and how much time it will take you to get to the enemy base. Coordinate with your other capper, and run timed routes that have a great chance of getting out with a clean grab. Whenever you bring the flag home, you stay with the Hof and how ever many stay at home you have on defense. If you did not bring the flag home, but you're still a capper, go on return.

Re-Grabbing: I cannot tell you how effective this is. Basically, what a re grab is, is once your team caps the flag, you grab the flag right after you cap. It will almost 100% of the time work, because the hof and the defense will not be ready and in place. A re grab is most effective when on a back route, because it's the shortest return route, most of the time, and it's not easy to see.

Do not llama if someone is on a route: Nuff said. If it is an e grab, yeah, but no other time is needed unless for a pass.

I've probably left out a few things, but Capping is my second most played position. And if you have any questions let me know! I wasn't put as the #2 capper in NA for nothing, so don't be shy!

Have a nice day ;)

Also, Jicker is a way better capper than me, #1. Please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, but Jicker is the real source of info when it comes to capping.


Smurfing 101: Basically, what you need to do here, is just change your name a *chocolate cookies* ton. Since I'm actually good at the game, people notice when I smurf. I'm sure fissurez is a little mad about that, but that's just how things are I guess.

Trolling 101: I haven't trolled a game in a month, not going to for a while.


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Shaska these are good guides, but honestly Jordan should lock these and sticky them to remove trolling and any questions should just be asked via pm.
even though shaska is knowledgeable if you did have a question, sometimes other opinions are great and more helpful...similar to your question in the chasing 101 thread
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grow up, move on, less trolling, more questions about capping and/or critques about the OP in a half-way constructive manner.
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