legions is a great game but it's getting kinda boring what can be done to liven things up a bit?


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start frapsing and set personal challenges for yourself. My 250+ route videos are a perfect example. I just decided I would see how many maps I could make routes from both sides of each team for that grabbed over 250mps and made videos. It's been a nice challenge and made the game more fun. Making "leet shots" type videos is also a lot of fun. I get a lot more of a rush out of getting a 300m MA kill on a capper than i do chaining or sniping them. Or instead of capping, just escort and see how many neat midair pickups you can get. etc etc etc....


You're bored... in summer? C'mon man.

Legions can't offer everything...try messing around with the sounds and stuff. I got bored out of my mind one day and made a neat little mod called the General Lee Air Horn... It should keep you entertained for a few hours.

No? Try another damn game.
Kerbal Space Program
Red Eclipse
Trackmania Nations Forever
Sound matrix

Or better yet, do what I have recently been doing... learning to surf. I have been going every morning this week, it's an amazing ride. I'm working for this board.


Put the throttle on full silly.
And fixious i used your spaceship and i am a horrible pilot:\ cant even get into space!


dude im saying that legions gets boring i love the game just want a lil more substance i have fun else where and doing other things i'm just saying legions is getting boring