A wild pub appeared...And you missed it! Join us on Discord


Private Tester
I know there's lots of people that still want to play this game, but when it's time to rev up their jetpacks there's no good way to reach them. We got a nice 8 person impromptu pub going today, partly because of Xzanth's server website, mostly because of pings in the Discord channel, and some spamming of friend's on Steam.

For the many lurkers out there, don't miss out on any more wet and wild pub action. Lurk on the Discord channel, you don't have to read or talk or anything. It's similar to IRC. Have Discord run on startup and leave it down in your system tray. You'll forget it's there, till that once in a blue moon moment when a pub sparks up and you're able to play some real legions with old friends and enemies.

Happy holidays, stay warm and stay tuned for a big play date in mid-January!