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*dance*, some of the marker signatures is starting to smudge. I only rarely take it out of the package they sent it to me in.. must preserve this baby for eternity.


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R.I.P IA and those members who we haven't seen since.

that website attracted lots of people. ( i once told my friend, hey go on your computer and go on instantaction.com so we can play an online game.) first thing he said. ( sounds like a porn site!)
unfortunately whenever i asked my friends to join IA they'd say: "wow, that sounds like some wicked porn you were watching"


For reasons that still elude me (probably nostalgia) I have a copy of the NDA I had to scan & e-mail them for PT access. Also still need my t-shirt for winning one of those casted matches back when that first started, even though I was the host of the match and zero ping chaingun is hard. Reminds me of when Outlawl used to think he was king *chocolate cookies* because he could ZP snipe in pugs.

Never forget. :(

I wish I had saved so many IRC logs from between then and now. Still missing that legendary semen conversation with Shanks and Outlawl.


Mabel was just hilarious to watch cap because he'd wail for 10 seconds straight on the return route. Naturally it made my ears bleed at the time as I was on his team more than I should have been (biased pick teams are so fun) but it's something you can appreciate in retrospect. Kind of like old cluster jumping or the ridiculous weapon concepts that were put in test.


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I remember when we couldn't ascend the base towers on Niv and Moonshit.

I remember when Moonshine was *chocolate cookies*.

I remember finding MungePartys shopping list in an .ini file

I remember getting stuck in ammo boxes

I remember base to base reverse chute 360 wtf overdrive flag grabs

I remember when it was an achievement to cap above 90


Wonder if they kept track of how many iterations there were/are of Moonshine... it switched from deathtrap of puzzled metal fuckery sprinkled with gnarly *chocolate cookies* to catch yourself on to non-existent and back and finally into a bridge with some pillars.


I remember DynamicDerek and his awesome choice in music, lamb of god was used on the offsite legions training page.


I remember when everyone was waiting Legions to come back "Soon".

I remember when everyone complained how they "nerfed" LR from one-shot & infinite ammo railgun to "completely useless".