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    Bringing back regular PUGs

    Thanks for the info. You look very much like Commander Spock.
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    What I want to discuss in general...

    I'm just hitting each part of the forums so this place doesn't look so dead! Is there any interest in getting this game back up and running?
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    Miss the fun we all had

    I miss the fun too! I wish development on this game could be done commercially again. I still have seen nothing else like it.
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    Where, Oh Where is the Life Once Here?

    These words I sing to myself as I ponder on the glory in past. A tear rolls down my cheek. I gaze upon FrostByte... as my memories fade...
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    Gorge Launches, Core Returns

    Liked forgotten too. Of course, that's the llama part of my personality talking, but still.
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    What is your favourite game of all time?

    XCOM: UFO Defense Any of the OLDER (from more than 10 years ago) Zelda series Any of the Metroid series
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    Legions: Player Details / PUG Positions

    Yup. That's me. Haha
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    [Read First] List of Legions Bugs and Available Fixes

    Ah. Ok. Thanks for the clarification.
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    I didn't feel that was a bug report. I just found it interesting.

    I didn't feel that was a bug report. I just found it interesting.
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    You can hear other players healing

    Passed down. There were 5 Legions players in this household back when IA was up but we lost two of them to Guild Wars. Both my sons still play legions and one of my daughters joins us every so often. It's one of the only games we all enjoy.
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    You can hear other players healing

    Yeah? Great. We find it interesting.
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    You can hear other players healing

    I was just in a practice game with one of my sons and we noticed when we stood near each other in the game that we could hear one another healing. Try it. Player A and Player B stand next to each other. Player A mutes sound. Player B hits Player A with a few CG rounds. You'll notice a quiet...
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    Add my 'thank you' to the list

    Well, I suck at the game but I still have a good time. My kiddos are way better.
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    Toggle Zoom

    The whole experience of the game is relative so what's your point? Hence, my use of "IMO".