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    [Giveaway] DRAWING MARCH 21ST 5PM EST [Giveaway]

    Why not, thanks Does this include the Progression Pass or not? Hope not
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    Legions Mini League

    Well I didn't wanted to reply but that whole thing is just ridiculous All 4 where there, also I won't blame Anak for coming to late because it was the last given time (7pm) in the "team" conversation But well someone changed it to 6pm without announcing it, also I won't count this message at...
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    What anime are you guys watching now?

    I would add Brynhildr in the Darkness, Mahouka and Mekakucity Actors
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    Huge Update Around the Corner

    Also you can only level up if you got the engineer core I think it would be better to add a global level system for one game So you can switch your class and dont need to stay the whole game engineer But if you switch someone else could take your engineer core because they are limited Personally...
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    Steam summersale

    I bought Darksiders just around 2 months ago in a shop (actually it was cheaper as it is now in steam) :/ I just got some dlc's for Space Marine and Alice
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    Legions Open Championship

    Shisk - CEST (GMT + 2) - Reserve (only weekends)
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    Favorite Movies

    Actually it was pretty boring, in my opinion
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    Download Online File Access & File I/O

    Updated one of my old codes => Pastebin Its just an option to use the TCPObject or the HTTPObject to fetch a web page Also it adds a queue for the requets
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    Question About Game Development

    There are tons of tutorials / informations about them in the web because they occur in each halfway modern programming language Another thing, if you ever pass over the goto statement, just try to avoid it as its a old relict from the time without structured programming
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    WH40k: Space Marine

    That would be the wrong usage :p Just shot some ork with one of the blue grenades and press R (reload) than the last grenade you shot will explode I think its actually the best weapon due to high amount of damage it does to big masses The only sad thing is that there is no power sword in...
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    Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza Sign ups!

    Looks like that every one going to attend this, so why not, just put me on the list
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    Download Script: FlagTimer

    I noticed that the first argument of the callback function is the flag of the enemy team So if you are on alpha and you go capping the beta timer starts / stops, shouldnt it be vica versa ?
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    Download Script: FlagTimer

    It counts every player not only out, so you would also see 11 sec, if I am not mistaken For the fix "0.01 Seconds" glitch, just add the FlagTaken if statment in the timer PS: nice script, although I completly changed the executing code to arrays
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    Desktop Backgrounds

    Yeah its there => CLICK I also found through the new image search feature from google the original => CLICK (3,41 MB)
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    Desktop Backgrounds

    The first looks :/ The second is fine My destop looks like that