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    L:O' failings-and-future

    I came out of lurking/a cycle of visiting anonymously every so often to say a little thing: Though I may have not had the greatest thrills in my life here- mostly my fault, it certainly did provide thrills. Those moments where your hands are cold, your arms are shaking, holding the flag, and...
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    Check thrice, wipe twice, and flush once

    Check thrice, wipe twice, and flush once
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    Guide to installing modifications.

    Then that prompts me to ask, where is the legions overdrive folder? I got a zip when I downloaded the launcher. EDIT: OHHHH you're supposed to pull out the legions overdrive folder too. Right, right. Thanks.
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    Guide to installing modifications.

    Ironically being placed in this guide, I have a question to ask. It's been a couple months since I last had legions installed, possibly half a year, but I'm wondering where the launcher extracts the live folder to. In essence, where is the live folder?
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    Where to install mods.
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    I downloaded Radio Friendly's Flag sounds...

    It goes in your mod folder. live/mods/autoexec ^Place it in there and you should be good to go. *Some people may not have the autoexec folder so just create one.
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    SOPA and PIPA have nothing on this

    To reiterate...
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    My epic CS:S video of Epicness.

    Do you not detect the sarcasm? FFS, the freaking video title, if you actually opened up the vid on youtube, says directly that it's his first time playing.
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    Minimap image?

    If you're talking about Defender's posts, I think it's part of some software that... Quote: "he shouldn't have."
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    (Request) Rocket reticle
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    3 Years of Legions

    [L3GACY] [L33JUNZ] [L3GIT] / [L3GITIMATE] [OLD3R] [GameSlav3]
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    Rq- Pullute's Rets

    Gee thanks! But I already got the rets from pullute himself.
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    Legions: Overdrive - Flought

    I applaud your consistency in trolling. I wanted to specifically point out you telling him to stop making montages; Let me make it simpler for you: If a new player is bad at the game, do you tell him to quit the game and never play again because he doesn't have that much experience? Btw, the...
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    Rq- Pullute's Rets

    YES :D