Would it be worth buying the rights?

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Worth it?

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  1. Xzanth

    Xzanth Legions Developer

    It's already been done actually:
    Played it for a short while, it was actually pretty good. But like 90% of tribes style community projects it never really took off.
  2. Mike

    Mike Member

    Please do this! This game is a classic. There really is no other multiplayer FPS game like it. I so wish I could just jump back on right now.

    If I had $15k to give I would do it and bring the people who loved this game back and invite more into the action.

    Definitely worth a shot if someone from our community can make an olive branch to IAC. I love Fixious's idea! Totally behind that.
  3. Caputalis

    Caputalis New Member

    I would add a little better mod and map support if possible without to much work, and try to keep doing little code improvements, additions, cleaning up the game code a little, like Fixious said, that's about all at this point I guess. I don't know if auto download for maps and mod files from servers is practical.. Would be also nice to have a basic load screen for servers so when clients connect, like tribes2 has, players can see server info on where to download client files or have an active link they can click on in the load screen or have a server info screen in the server list, look at tribes2, was a nice feature.
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  4. RockeyRex

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    Long(er) answer:
    Why? To get a hugely outdated code on a hugely outdated engine? To get outdated gfx that has been already done better by community members? Just start a new project. Try to gather interested people to make something with similar physics and movement. Maybe you can actually get the scale right from the start.
    Oh and don't start with "Let's see what we can do.". Make a damn starting plan and a decent concept and drive to it.


    ...and I might come and take a peek at it if you want.
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