Would it be worth buying the rights?

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Worth it?

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  1. yoohoo

    yoohoo New Member

    Recently, I've been wondering about possibly buying the rights to this old game.

    Would it be worth it? "Worth it" in the sense that it could be profitable as well as successful in terms of player population and general interest. If you could buy the rights, how would you market or steer the game in the right direction? Would it hold up in today's gaming climate? Your thoughts.
  2. yoohoo

    yoohoo New Member


    Obviously, I'm going to contact the concerned parties that own the rights directly, but also I'm interested in opinions and suggestions on where to direct the game once it's acquired. Especially since some of the members of this board are developers and have made the game "Mid Air". I'd like their input the most.
  3. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    I've thought about this recently, and I think I posted about it in another thread. Ideally you'd get a few fans together (I have one or two in mind that might be interested, but haven't approached them) to pool their money and get the IP from IAC. A conservative estimate would be $15k, which is based on a figure someone was given from IAC a year or so ago. I'm not saying $15k would buy the game, but it would get their attention. It's probably not actually worth that much, but it more-so covers the costs of getting everything situated and all the legal leg-work.

    Once we have the rights, I'd polish up the current version of Legions to the best of our (and the engine's) abilities. Switch out the textures with the HD ones posted years ago by...PWA(?). Remove much of the engineering code and models to bring down install size and console spam. Fix that damn CTD bug if you're tabbed out and there's a map switch. Fix or just remove Prometheus. Make the map voting process more streamlined. Add some new quality CTF maps and tweak existing ones that have issues, maybe bring back that abortion people called Quarry for the hell of it. Bring back the tutorial from the olden days or just create a new one for new players. The list goes on, but basically just apply a bunch of QOL improvements, and maybe some modern features (in-game VOIP? Bring back stats?)

    Once it's in decent shape, slap that baby on Steam. It'd have to be dirt cheap considering its age and being multiplayer-only. Continue to collectively pool your money with the other developers/owners, and use whatever money you get from Steam to start work on Legions 2. This is a pipe dream within a pipe dream, but I'd say it'd be worth doing if you get this far.

    Alternatively, see if IAC would be willing to put this polished version of Legions on Steam and let them have their cut. This bypasses the requirement of needing the IP. How Legions 2 would fit in with this...who knows. I'd be interested in joining this little venture, but only if the right people are involved and we've discussed everything at length before bringing money to the table.

    I don't think I'd want anyone from Midair involved, but that's just my opinion.
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  4. yami

    yami Private Tester

    I don't see the polished version recouping the 15k on Steam. Also that's 15k cash + the man hours to polish it, let's call it 30k. So why buy the IP at all? Why not put all of that effort and money directly into making a legions 2 that would circumvent the IP? From a technical standpoint are there building blocks in legions that are absolutely needed for legions 2?

    From a business/project management side it would be foolish not to at least consult certain Archetype people, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone with more analogous experience.
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  5. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    It absolutely wouldn't get that 15k back. The Steam thing would mainly be for exposure and grow the playerbase a little for the next game. I suppose if having the IP isn't something you're worried about, you could just make Legions 2 with a different name. It'd be nice to have it though (source code, assets, etc). The people who were interested in porting Legions to T3D would very likely reuse some of the code (mainly movement), as well as maps and other assets possibly. It would save a lot of time compared to starting from scratch.

    It really depends on your scope of the whole thing and how far you want to take the project. If it's a volunteer passion project with no real expectations, there's nothing stopping anyone from creating a spiritual successor. If you want to make a slightly successful game, you're better off finding a publisher or working out a deal with IAC, because $30k won't get you anywhere. My plan is somewhere in the middle (not really successful, but a decent effort that at the very least gives us the IP for future projects).
  6. yami

    yami Private Tester

    What kind of deal would you imagine IAC agreeing to that wouldn't have the same problems as the current setup, as in, as long as they own the IP it's too discouraging for anyone to work on very much as a passion project
  7. k e v i n

    k e v i n Private Tester

    Isn't there some way that IAC can see that legions has basically no players? Maybe somehow convince IAC that it's a waste to just hold on to it and see if they'd be willing to just give it to us?