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  1. The Valiancy is currently recruiting. If interested, contact me or Epiclight by sending us a private message, commenting on this thread or you could also contact us on ts3. We would like for you to also come to our team practice/meeting on Saturdays which starts at 5-7:00 EST before we could say you are a part of the team.

    Thank you. :D
  2. Vox

    Vox Member

    Dont we have enough members already?
    I think we are going alittle overboard on recruiting..
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  3. shaskie

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    Can I just attend a practice? :rolleyes:
  4. Epiclight858

    Epiclight858 Member

    What would your idea of over recruiting be? We currently have 10 members, and if I want to follow through on my ambitions for the team, we need a few more. And I have not seen you around, spart. At all. Do you still consider yourself part of the team? Might as well be 9 members if that's the case.
  5. Audacity

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    Is there an option for just attending practices? :)
  6. Epiclight858

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    The team and I were thinking about that. As far as I can tell you, if I have invited you, even if you weren't in the team, you would be allowed to join us. This would be the only way to keep our practice organized and stable from people whom I do not like that joins our practice just because they feel like it. So, I have created some rules, which are based on how the team should be organized and the respect policy for everybody that is, or isn't in the team, to read and agree upon in participation to team practice.
  7. LumpySausage

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    I want someone sniping with me :( I'm lonely.
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  8. xzzxxz

    xzzxxz Member

    i want to be part of the team...but.......
  9. LumpySausage

    LumpySausage Member

    But what? If you want to try out don't hesitate!
  10. But what? You can pm me and we'll talk.. I can tell you what we do and why we need recruits.. Maybe after I do you, you'll have an answer! :)
  11. Dabbleh

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  12. mausgang

    mausgang Puzzlemaster

    I can snipe with you!
  13. LumpySausage

    LumpySausage Member

    Mabye after you do him?
  14. xzzxxz

    xzzxxz Member

    im XPascascio lol im not available on Saturdays at that time....often :p
  15. Ahh Ben.. Why didn't you tell me it was you! I don't know why you aren't in the clan.. Didn't Epic send you an invitation?
  16. xzzxxz

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  17. Epiclight858

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    But like Ben said, he can't make it to practices. But you are welcome to practice with us when you get the chance. I just need people to participate close to every practice date, or else there won't be practice. As long as we get some nice recruits, practice should still be going on by the time you are available on one of those saturday afternoons. :)
  18. DKnight556

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    I want to join :p. I'll probably just keep popping in every once in a while
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  19. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    the other 556. we meet yet again.
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  20. Haha