T:A, who's playing?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Redvan, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Redvan

    Redvan Private Tester

    Post here if you will be playing when Closed Beta starts. Please include your probable ign too.

    I'll be Redvan most likely. If you couldn't guess.

    Don't waste my thread space with dumb *chocolate cookies* like "I think T:A is gay". This thread is just so we can see who all is playing.

  2. Disci

    Disci Old man

    Gonna be fun to see what all the people who started with Legions gonna think about the floaty Tribes game. Also, probably not gonna touch the game. OH I FAILED AT THIS GAME, SORRY REDVAN!
  3. Nereas

    Nereas New Member

    i don't need to pay for it so... you can guess it ;)
    ingame nick is going to be the one i use here too.
  4. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    I'll give it a go but with legions/Skyrim it'll be in the back of my mind.
  5. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    T:A is stupid. I'm never playing that game. LEJINZ FTWW!!!1

    ...Ucantry2run obv
  6. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

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  7. Siantlark

    Siantlark Member

    T:A Is Gayxors. Trolololol.

    But seriously I'll get it when it releases. Don't feel like paying just to get into a ya'know... F2P game.
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  8. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    This guy...
  9. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    There's an in-game friends list and you can join their matches (but I've never gotten it to work).
  10. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore Flatulent Cherub

    Because you need friends to use that feature. Hohohohoho!
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  11. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

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  12. Redvan

    Redvan Private Tester

    good for you.

    Keep this thread to NAMES OF WHO IS PLAYING THE CLOSED BETA please.

    Some mod plz clean. Except for the exchange where fixious couldn't get the friends list to work, and seymour came in with the save. That is worthy of staying.
  13. discord

    discord Private Tester

    What is this *Tribes: Ass-End* that you speak of without the craptastic overdrive crutch? I shall see you there. Also, <3 discfu. I'm getting it back and those wonky angles are all making sense again. Longest was something around 400m so far on a guy who had just grabbed (chain grab) while I was in mid-field from the previous return. Nailed it!

    Also, ucan is sobad. sobad. sososososobad.
  14. WhiteHawk

    WhiteHawk Member

    Who has to thumbs and is playing T.A ......this guy €(°~°)€
  15. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker


    I couldnt get it to load, it keeps freezing, so ima need to reinstall
  16. Skepsis

    Skepsis Member

    Ill see if I can play T:A though REAL TAWK!
  17. Gheist

    Gheist King of all Goblins

    #tribesascend at QuakeNet by the way.
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  18. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    Legions will always be better...
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  19. Buhlitz

    Buhlitz Member

  20. Disci

    Disci Old man

    Slow like hell. No one paid any attention on carrier. *chocolate cookies* game.