Spawn Updates on Public Test

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by GReaper, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

  2. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    I like the reduced spawn timer, however I am hating everything else. Just my opinion. I can probably deal with this now, but if it's pushed to live, I would be really put off playing legions...
  3. Synista

    Synista Member

    I don't mind it, it's cool.. I'm just worried about how much this may cause Legions gameplay to slow down. The Skybolt reticle and icon is looking sexy though, nice work!
  4. Gheist

    Gheist King of all Goblins

    The most important thing about feedback (especially about negative feedback): Elaborate. Just saying "I hate it" doesn't help anyone. Help us to understand your viewpoint. Also, give it some time before you condemn it. ;)
  5. Mahidhar

    Mahidhar Member

    Maybe letting the players set up ammo stations, or making them mobile will do the trick.
  6. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    Like. Too tired to write anything else though and GReaper's already heard half of it..
  7. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    I like the simplicity of Legions and the ability to get straight into the action. I think this stops the flow of Legions and doesn't make it more enjoyable. I also was looking forward to choosing your own class/skins to respawn with. Like this:
    I like the idea of re spawning with the class and weapons you want. So that's why I don't like it.

    Do you understand now?;)
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  8. BestCharmie

    BestCharmie Member

    Cool :0. Ill go test it out.
  9. Noober

    Noober Member

    nice moves! if in future you will create a mortar for sentinel, destroyable base inventory (and why not generator...), and a repair special weapon (on raider set for example) this FPS game will be more a strategic Fps game.
    It will have need more teamplay, and this is in my opinion only better!
    uhmmm i know, i'm dreaming too much!

    However you have been working a lot on this game... i appreciate a lot your efforts!
  10. Vinzyboy23

    Vinzyboy23 Member

    Ammo box loadout selection sounds.... Realistic.
  11. Abandoned

    Abandoned Member

    Heres a suggestion: Make a totally different design for the loadout ammobox.

    Also, couldn't you make it so that you have NO weapons as you start?
    Making the Chaser-Loadout the default starter only benefits the cappers. Some maps, like Elegiac only has 1 ammo box, and that is quite far away from the spawn.
    It's amusing to see people rush for the ammo box, but the RL and CG they have equiped just allows them to spam the ammo box.

    I don't like how this update decreases the gameplay speed.
    (Fatties who play in 1st Person View will be all "WTF WHY AM I SO LIGHT".)

    I want to point out another fact. Sure the respawn time is decreased. But people who tend to respawn a lot will be discouraged to respawn as they would dislike the fact if they do respawn, they will have to go to the loadout ammobox.
  12. Synista

    Synista Member

    No weapons when you spawn? That's just basically asking the Devs to make the LO *dance* on you, because you can't fight back. Yea, sure it may benefit the cappers, but not ALL cappers like to use Outrider, and not all Outrider users like to use the Chaser.
  13. Immanent

    Immanent Member

    To be honest, spawning in default in OR is just silly, a fast capper will be able to reach the enemy's base in a small map before the D gets properly set up. Perhaps going to an ammo station to FULLY customize your loadout ... :$
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  14. Abandoned

    Abandoned Member

    Don't just quote a few sentences out of context.
    I stated this as it creates another "playground" for trolls to swing on
  15. Battelstar

    Battelstar Member

    I don't like the update.

    In my opinion it would be better if you could choose during the 20 secs before a game starts if you want to play as outrider, raider or heavy and then decide what weapons you want to use, so that you can build it like you want instead of taking one from the list (if i remember right then there was something about that in a legionsoverlive show)

    If you want to change something ingame then you would have to go to the ammo box. When you're close enough to it then a window pops up which shows you on the left side what you're using atm and on the right side the other weapons/classes. Then you should be able to pick something from the right side and replace the class/weapon on the left site with it. Depending on the class you use it enables or disables weapons like sniper for outrider only or more/less weaponspots for raider/sent.

    That are my thoughts about the update ;)
  16. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore Flatulent Cherub

    Yar, I like this idea. It would be a valuable asset as it would allow more variety in the loadouts. I'd still like to see permanent ammo stations alongside the deployable stations, though.

    Yar, I've never liked that garbage clan looking ammo station. Personally I'd like to see a revamp of it (with some fancy animation to boot).
  17. Badpox

    Badpox Private Tester

    I don't like the update.

    Edit: Hate is a better word.
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  18. ThermoDust

    ThermoDust New Member

    I like it. While it does slow the game down a bit all of that can be fixed by moving the spawn locations and improving the ammo\inventory station locations.
  19. Dobson77

    Dobson77 Private Tester

    Hmmm, I like and dislike the update....I like it as it could bring new tactics to the game and...yeah. But I dislike it because it will slow the gameplay down, which is baaaaaad, imo. Erm, also I agree with Royalty, I would like to be able to make classes and always spawn as them...

    Edit: Maybe have a certain class you spawn as throughout the game which you can choose from the start of the game, but if you want to choose another then use the ammo boxes.
  20. lil_maniac

    lil_maniac Member

    Yeh tbh i dont really like the new update.. It makes it more awkward for players e.g. chasing (nade jumping from respawning), standoffs (passing the flag if your on defence), starting (slows the game down and also makes it more awkward for heavies as they have to spend time going to an ammo box, then going back to the stand.. by that time a capper would nearly be at the base) and finally just the respawn in general (just having to go to an ammo box every time you respawn just to get the same class again is annoying)

    Those are my thoughts atm.. maybe it'll grow on me, idk :D
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