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  1. Hello Overdrivers,

    Please leave comments about things that need adding or improvement, or if you would like to contribute. additionally, please try the tutorial from start to finish as if you had no knowledge from before and tell me how easily you feel you could complete this guide..



    (sorry for the tinyurl use, i'm just interested in tracking clicks, i promise its nothing bad)

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  2. Hawk

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    Just a suggestion, I think that for your second page, there are a bunch of lines going outwards from the sentence describing what you need, to the image on the right hand side, I think it would be easier and much more organized if you would just use one image for the whole sentence, for ex: "Click the Background Layer in the layers toolbar, then (in the toolbox) go to the paint bucket icon" for that you would just put a small paint bucket tool image beside it, but overall its a great guide, thanks! :)
  3. good thought, and i tried to do that later in the guide but i figured pointing out the location of something might not be a bad idea for the first use of a tool.. dunno though, maybe you're right.. thanks anyways! did you try the process? or just brief read through?
  4. Hawk

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    Nope, lol. I just read through, i'm not really good with rets :p but seriously, it's pretty well-explained.
  5. mmkay cool, thanks anyways!
  6. aus.hsp

    aus.hsp Private Tester

    Thanks for this very helpful post! :)
  7. masterluso

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    Since it isn't there yet, if people are looking for the rets on their computer, the path for the IA version was:C:>Users>[Username]>appdata>LocalLow>GarageGames>IAPlayer>products>www_instantaction_com>102>install>legions>gui>common>images>hud>reticles

    As for where it will be on the new one, I don't know. I'm not making it.

    Also, appdata is a hidden folder, make sure you can see those before trying to find this.

    As an afterthought, you'll notice the HUD, compass, and weapons icons are here as well. Feel free to play with them too.
  8. Fahrenheit451

    Fahrenheit451 Legions Developer

    The paths for where reticles will be is going to change, don't think too much about that.

    We'll provide you guys all that you need to make custom rets for your weapons [up to actual software to make them :p]. We'd ideally like to see a more formal creation of client side content like reticles circulating in the community. Keep ideas like this flowing.
  9. Cool, thanks for the support guys, i agree i should add something about better finding the reticles, although like Fahrenheit said, it will change so i wont worry about it for now.. and i know nothing about coding (just starting with python) but i'm happy to do photo editor related tutorials when the time comes!
  10. masterluso

    masterluso Member

    Will the file names and dimensions be the same? Thats why I posted the path, so you could play around with them ahead of time.
  11. Cauchemar

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    Thanks alot! I'll have to give it a try! :)
  12. let me know how it goes!
  13. w00tyou

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    FYI: AI is the best program to use, if you don't want pixelated rets.
  14. masterluso

    masterluso Member

    I bet I will feel silly when you tell me.... but what's AI?
  15. idk what AI is either, but ive never had any pixelation issues with gimp provided you set the right ppi
  16. masterluso

    masterluso Member

    Question: Where are the dividing lines in the images separating the different rets? Like, where in the image does the CG file change from the regular ret to the overheat ret? The reason I'm asking is because I want to know if the modded rets can be larger than the originals(which I think they can), and how much larger.
  17. I'm not exactly sure, but i know it is possible to make larger reticles, but i'm not entirely sure about that.. sorry. if you find out let me know and i will ad it to the guide with credit of course
  18. masterluso

    masterluso Member

    Looking back into some of my older files where I was trying to make rets with Greenfish instead of GIMP, I see that the CG image somehow got sectioned (each ret has a diff background color, no clue how this happened), and it looks like it is divided into equal space for each ret. i.e. the CG ret has dimensions of 512x128, so we divide the width by 4(4 columns) and leave the height. Each CG ret has a 128x128 square that it can fit in. So:
    Chaingun: each is 128x128
    Rocket: each is 128x128
    Sniper (no zoom): each is 64x64
    Sniper (full zoom): each is 256x256

    Edit: Oh, and the grenade is 128x128
  19. regardless of monitor size?
  20. masterluso

    masterluso Member

    I should think so. These dimensions are what the image itself is, not how it appears on your monitor. If that makes any sense.

    Edit: Also, I lied was wrong above, the grenades are 64x128 each

    Another Edit: Reading through your guide again, the third CG ret (red) is the hitmark ret and the SR rets are(I think): 4 is normal and the other 3 are the brief recharge between shots. But I don't usually snipe, so I'm not sure.