[Read First] List of Legions Bugs and Available Fixes

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by A2, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    Thank you, it was getting really annoying XD

    EDIT: Not working anymore...worked first time I started it, but not now
  2. try removing "live\legions\preferences\prefs.cs" it worked for my when i did that
  3. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    nope, deleted it and started it again, still didnt work

    I should note that I didn't start it via the legions launcher, I started it via legions.exe (when I'm offline and need to change something or test a mod I usually do that)
  4. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    Not needed on public-test.
    Anyways, logs.
  5. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    this one, right?

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  6. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    Console.log. Now found from the logs folder.
  7. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    here ya go

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  8. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    Doesn't appear to be an issue with L:O (Unless you have just somehow decreased the volume to 0 from options.).
    Also, because I fail, you don't see what sound device it's using currenly from that log.

    AAANYWAYS. I have a feeling the sound is just coming from a different device (Motherboard sound chip, USB headset, HDMI audio, etc.) than what you are listening.

    XOPTICZX New Member

    hey, ive tried all of the above and it isnt working for me at all :(
  10. blacky_spy

    blacky_spy New Member

    i got this when i click on launch: unable to create canvas! what should i do
  11. Voltage

    Voltage Puzzlemaster

    Update DirectX: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35
    If that doesn't work, re-download a fresh install of legions.
    Mod's such as legions-lite (if you are using it) could also be causing it.
  12. Arch

    Arch Legions Developer

    Messing with the console a little while ago and I believe the bug that causes your gun to get stuck firing can be solved by typing this into the console. I haven't tested it completely but I think it will work.
  13. Jordahan

    Jordahan World Leader of The 21st Century

    Pretty sure that works, remember trying it (or a variant awhile ago)
  14. Accelerate

    Accelerate Private Tester

    I have noticed that when I am on Beta and someone on my team has the flag, their name will show up on the alpha side of the scoreboard on the bottom hud.