[Read First] List of Legions Bugs and Available Fixes

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    Following the list of problems/bugs for the application, here are a few Bugs (and fixes for those that are avail) that have been discussed in the forums.

    *[Note: Everytime you want to play the game, you are to open the 'Launcher.exe' and NOT the 'legions.exe' for the game to work.]
    **[Note 2: http://forums.legionsoverdrive.com/threads/l-o-for-linux-and-mac.5008/- Unofficial work-around for Mac]

    Game runs on 7, Vista and XP . Just make sure you open the game as administrator (preferably).


    Noticeable stuff in-game that you might think are bugs, but are not:
    - Spawning with random skins.
    - Starting the game, spawning under the map. - Mapping problem, not a bug.
    - I CAN'T CHANGE MAP! OMGWTH? - From the FAQ: "We are investigating ways to allow users to host their own games, but out of security and community unity concerns, for the near future players can only join official dedicated servers."
    - No observer mode.


    Game Crash:
    - In case your game crashes after clicking 'join':
    > It could be something to do with the application. So try either restarting the application or re-downloading.
    > It could be the computer requirements. Make sure you rig is at-least close to the Minimum requirements to play the game, which are:
    > Try again, maybe it was a first time crash, and might not happen again.

    - If the game crashes while playing:
    > Try restarting the game.
    > It could also be that the devs are working on the servers, which could have caused the crash.

    Lag, Lag-Spikes, and hiccups in-game:
    - Make sure any applications that are using the Internet are closed (example: uTorrent, any other P2P Program).
    If using a wireless connection, but have wired connection as well, try playing with wired connection. (most useful when router is a bit far away). Not sure it really matters but it's worth a shot.

    Note: There are some server-related lag spikes on the Hotswap (US) servers. Generally you can tell that it is the server and not you because everyone in the game starts saying stuff about lag at the same time as it ends for you :p This doesn't happen on the shazbot servers, so if you are lagging there it is on you! - DL

    'Error: Failed to join game'
    - Check your connection
    - If that's fine and the problem persists, delete the 'game' folder, and re-download it.
    - Try working with Firewall off.

    Black Bases:
    - Make sure you have 'Lightmaps' enabled, via the in-game menu.

    Mouse Scroll doesn't work;
    Health and Energy bar cannot be seen;
    Chat-box doesn't respond;
    - For all the above problems, just restart the game.

    Invert mouse doesn't work:
    - Change the pitch sensitivity from prefs.cs file (Legions Overdrive\game\legions\preferences) to any negative number.

    Flag + sounds don't sync:
    - Network latency problem.

    Crashed while minimizing the game:
    - Read this thread.

    Flag colour bug:
    - Sometimes, the enemy flag shows green while yours shows red. Restarting the game will clear it out.

    Massive spawn spam:
    - Technically this isn't a 'problem', it is just that the spawn time during countdown is 0, which was intended for people to use to get the spawn they want. Unfortunately, some tards just spam it for the sake of spamming it. We will probably have to increase the spawn time because of them - DL

    Might not change through the in-game menu, but you can change it via the prefs.cs file. Try zooming in/out after you change it in-game.

    Can't hear any sound in-game:
    Main.cs error when starting the game.

    Deleting your preferences folder (Legions Overdrive/game/legions/preferences) and updating from the launcher should fix this.

    A few of the bugs may not have a good fix to it, but just to let you know, the devs are well aware of it and are looking into the problem.
    **** Don't post your problems/bugs as a reply to this thread. If you are sure your problem/bug is new and is not in either the following thread or in any other posts in this section, then make a new thread. Thank you.
    Make sure you post your console.log along with your problem, it could prove useful.

    *Admins and Mods can edit the thread if I missed out anything, or if there's anything new to add/edit.

    Have fun.

    Some Edits by DL.
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    /me pats A2 on the back.

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    When spawning below the map, why is something labeled a "problem" not considered a bug? I am just wondering what the difference in the terms is exactly.
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    The issue is that maps have 'observer points', which are points mappers are supposed to set where you can click the mouse and it will cycle through them in obs mode, like T2 does it. The point you are looking from when you first load a map is one of those points, and whoever made the original maps (frost, niv, etc) simply didn't put it in a good place. So it isn't really a bug, since things are working as they are supposed to, we just haven't gotten around to fixing IAs screwup in that regard.
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    awesome list :)

    now just curious to see dev input into some of the issues with "fake fixes", such as restarting the game.
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    Current fix is to restart the game.
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    Yeah, I mentioned that.

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    Ah. Ok. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Edited the last part:
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    yay i contributed :D

    i know this is annoying, but is it really worth extending the spawn time. i don't see it causing any problems in game, but im probably ignorant..
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    Spawn spam can crash people, so it is a problem.
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    small question: why exactly is it a problem? Is the crash due to sheer resource consumption or something like that? I have gotten these crashes occasionally so I am curios.
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    ahh but, you missed on of the biggest things that will frustrate someone. If your gonna play this game you MUST have directX9 installed on your machine. Or you will get a stupid error say your missing a DxD9 dll
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    i tried the sound fix but I still dont have sound even though my system is putting out sound.

    just to be clear I put the SoundFix.cs.dso file within the downloaded zip in my mods folder?
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  17. I've tried the sound fix but i can't hear the chat sounds
  18. RockeyRex

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    Have them disabled in options?
  19. no, they are enabled

    disabled and re enabled them now they work thx
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    I can't register to the game! :( It don't shows captcha what is required.