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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 57thRomance, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    Yeah, we're bringing this sucker back.
    Same rules, give a rating out of 10 points. If you can, give useful feedback.
    Soooooo... RATE MEH!
  2. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    No sig above me, So ill review romance's. It says "ROMANCE", so relatively obvious whose it is, yet it seems to lack any characteristic qualities. other than that, simple is nice; 6/10 XD

    btw, my current sig (incase I change it) is this:
  3. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    6.5/10 Needs a better render.
    Harsh dude. Really harsh...
  4. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    Yeah, I guess it's starting to get old... and stupid. With IA down, the same ol' stuff won't work for us.
  5. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    The way to go, I guess. I'm actually tired of people judging my sigs.
  6. Ewrath

    Ewrath Member

    Ugh, we almost transferred all the threads from the very old forum to the "new" one. Now theres another? T.T
  7. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    Atleast were not playing king of the hill again
  8. Dacil

    Dacil Member

  9. A2

    A2 Member

    The topic maybe that but the posts?
  10. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    Yah, it started but died before anyone could claim the hill...
    (my sig at this point:[​IMG]
  11. RedInk

    RedInk Member

    Here we go again.
    I love the Ghost In A Shell series, movies. 7/10
  12. A2

    A2 Member

    8/10 You just tempted me to do this. :S
  13. Vinzyboy23

    Vinzyboy23 Member


    I'm currently using my old signatures in this forums
  14. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    YAY, we're using my thread!
    How bittersweet...
  15. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    I thought......nv, I already rated urs 6/10
    (u should edit the first post to keep score ro)
    Same sig as above)
  16. Tomatzo

    Tomatzo New Member

  17. NightHawk043

    NightHawk043 Member

    Is that drawn by you?

    I'm going to have to do a new sig soon, unfortunately I lost the high quality original for this sig when my hard drive crashed. (I.e. I accept I'm probably going to lose ratings because it is slightly pixellated.)
  18. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    Id give it a 8/10, marked down because of the fuzziness and being unable to read the text.
  19. A2

    A2 Member

    Pic + smoke brushes + text. Amirite?

    (and that was actually for night. You kinda posted at the same time)
  20. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    yah, when I make sigs I try to keep the message simple. In this one, the blue flames are meant to represent fury, the legions character to represent, well, legions.
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