Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SeymourGore, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Not sure thought it would be good for the build,
    what would you reccomend to get?
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    What I would do:

    No need to get an aftermarket fan yet, unless you plan on overclocking immediately. The stock fan is fine for gaming and such.
    You don't really need a Full Tower for what you have in your rig, they are seriously gigantic, so that mid-tower is one I have heard is very quiet and very good.
    Went with a slightly smaller PSU, which is fully modular and gold rated.
    Cheaper optical drive, cause why not?
    Mobo has fine reviews but I don't really know much about them, so if anyone has a better one, go for it.
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    Hm, I will keep this in mind.

    I wanted a big tower since I wanted quite a lot of airflow, I was gonna put it so that my PSU will be sucking air from inside of the tower and blowing it out.

    Thanks :p
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    Seymour enjoys his full tower; If you want to go big and have the space for it - go for it!

    I don't think your original build was an APU (unless the original configuration has been changed), I've been out of the hardware loop for a few months now (moved to the desolate Arctic), but pretty sure AMD's FM2's are their APU lines. Still, not sure if I'd choose an AMD CPU over an Intel CPU.

    Anyhow, I like Jordahan's build, except I'd probably switch out that Core i7 for a Core i5 4690k. Core i5 is an excellent gaming CPU, and I'd say is the better value over a i7 if you're mostly looking at a gaming system.

    Also, if anyone is curious how Enryu was able to afford that monster system; It was because of Seymour! Wrote him a resume that apparently got him a job at a law firm or something. Dude's ballin' now.
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    Wow, didn't know you were such a pro at helping with that sorta thing. Too bad you're never on IRC.
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    its true, Seymour is the man

    And im actually working nightshift at a grocery store, been putting $100/week away for almost the whole year (I lashed out and bought a ps4 towards the begining of the year, and I also took a trip to LA for a magic tournament...but other than that)
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    One day Seymour will return as the Salacious Crumb to GReaper's Jabba.
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    So, yeah, either the mobo or the psu is *danced* up. I tried removing everything and only having CPU fan and power connectors plugged into the mobo, and its just cycling on and off. The problem is im not sure if it is the motherboard or the CPU that's the problem. I am thinking the motherboard since I was dumb and bought an open box one from newegg, but before I jump to conclusions does anyone have a test I can do to find out?

    BTW yes my psu is good, the self check button works fine.

    Update: nvm its definately the mobo
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    Have you fixed it or got a new MB? And if yes, pictures and benchmarks !
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    Oh those were the days. I wish I was still young and could save money for stuff like that. Now everytime I get paid all the money I got mysteriously disapears. Damn, even my wife affords to buy new shoes and clothes every month while I got nothing!
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    Just wait until you start making babies, then the money will really start to disappear. Poor Disci might not even be able to afford all of his fancy spandex then!
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    Sounds like my life of loneliness will pay off in the end.

    Worth it.
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    will but right now everything is in boxes (the money i was going to spend on the liquid cooling went to moving expenses)

    should get it up n running officially tomorrow night
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    And with desk (still ghetto camp chair...)
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    Damn looks good
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    Srsly? That beast machine and only a single monitor?
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    for now, i will expand when i get money for it.

    question tho, i just got some new headphones and the audio in and mic are not working...anyone have a fix (yes the driver is installed...)