Oh how I love building blocks like lego.

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  1. linerider64

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    But sometimes when I ask my parents for lego, They give me a different brand and say it's still lego. ;_;

    Lololol Building Blocks Simulator games with scripting r awesum trolololol
  2. SeymourGore

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    I used to think that they were all the same too, but then I had to help my kid put together a Mega Bloks toy. Worst experience ever. Now it's strictly Lego that he plays with.
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  3. Vinzyboy23

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    I love Lego. I like building robots with it.
  4. DMGED

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    I remember one time in first grade, we had some sort of gift exchange thing. My mom had bought and wrapped a crappy box of 'tinker toys.' They were like generic wooden k'nex purchased from a Cracker Barrel gift shop or something, I don't know...

    Anyways, while the class picked and started opening packages, I soon realized that mine was the wort gift. I stayed quiet and watched as the kid who picked mine ripped the paper off and immediately put on a face of disapproval. The entire class followed suit after seeing his gift. I felt bad for him, but then I felt better because I got Battleship.

    Fast forward a decade or so. I built someone a computer from spare parts and traded it for a new box of Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0. It was so worth it, even if I only made one robot and never played with it again.
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  5. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

    Duplo ftw
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  6. MightySheep

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    as a kid I prefered duplo

    kids nowadays prefer to play minecraft tho
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  7. w00tyou

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    Legos make your fingers bleed ;_;
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  8. Propkid

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    Yah I was getting a bit spoiled around the age of 10 :] Before that SW legos and Bionicle ;o
  9. Ucantry2run

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  10. 57thRomance

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    I still remember getting Lego magazines and going straight to the Bionicle comics. I memorized their alphabet and followed up with all their lore. I even have the first movie on DVD. What a nerd I was back then...
  11. MightySheep

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    I had lego, duplo, bionicles and


    lul maybe i was spoiled
  12. Frosted

    Frosted Member

    I love legos. I gave them all to my little brother but when I go to my moms I can't help playing with them. I usually "upgrade" what my little bro did and he gets all pissed off cuz I touch his stuff. I also give him trick u can do with legos.
  13. DKnight556

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    R.I.P. Bionicle. I had all the first and second gen figures and even the first 2 movies. Stopped when I got into highschool because I didn't want to spend any more money on it. So my brother gets one of the "Hero Factory" (yes they don't even call them bionicle anymore) and it was a piece of *chocolate cookies*. It was 3 pieces and had no weapons basically. I still have my old ones up in my closet to this day.
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  14. Vox

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    i have all my legos in a box downstairs. and bionicles got ruined cause of this so called "hero factory" stuff.
  15. qqchurch

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    Or your foot... Q_Q
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  16. Armageddon

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    Legos for adults.
  17. Vinzyboy23

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    Oh, I forgot about Minecraft. Woohoo!
  18. A new source of an unlimited lego supply
    it's actually a scary game it should at least be rated as 13+
    oh how many times i twitched and chilled just because i heard the fuse of a creeper the scream of a zombie the sound of an arrow being shot at me
    these are the best moments in this game
  19. MightySheep

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    haha i know exactly what you mean
  20. HVanquish

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    I still have my legos, suckas