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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BugsPray, Jun 23, 2013.

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    ooooh sweet mother of god good netcode

    my garbage internet approves
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  3. JedrekPl

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    Are you able to tell about minimal system requirements???
  4. Jordahan

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    No, since the game isn't done and we haven't done any optimization yet.
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  5. only1Bravo

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    Looks good! Glad to see Midair is chugging along. Art style might be a bit too Ass-endy on first glance but I have faith in Stealth + team. Looking forward to playing it.
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  6. What do you mean by this exactly? Midair looks colourful and a bit "cartoonish" while Ascend has a more gritty and rusty look.

    I'm guessing this is your way of critiquing the artstyle which seems curious to me considering ascend's artstyle is the least of it's problems.
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    I just reread through this whole thread at like 3AM (instead of sleeping) for some reason.

    Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have stuck with and supported us from the beginning. Even the people who are skeptical/nervous/unhappy about the game all still say they will still play or at least try it out and no one seems to have written us off, which is awesome.

    Warms my frozen Canadian heart.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!
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    In I:A you could buy some chat voice or skins for outrider/radier/sentinel... are you planning to do same thing?
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  10. andrejco

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    Would be nice if people could have their own skin customization, more in-depth than the one in IA where you could buy custom skins, i am talking about people making their own mix of colors which will make each and every player look :cool:unique:cool:!
    Looking forward to new announcements, peace! :p
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    That would be awesome :D
  12. Jordahan

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    Yes! We are planning on having skins and voice packs, as well as some other cosmetic goodies.
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  13. JedrekPl

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    You can be sure that Im gonna buy it :D
  14. Fixious

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    Midair Teamspeak.
  15. JedrekPl

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    Are you going to make in midair ranks like they;re in for example CS:GO/ similar matchmaking etc. or I'll choose server like I did in leejunz?

    And if the movement is atleast a bit more like was in leejunz
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  16. Xzanth

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    Wb movement?
  18. tree

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    Not much info on that yet, but there are streams on the Midair Twitch channel ( ) which showcases a little of the skiing (it's part of StealthRG's map design stream).
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  20. Darklord

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    So essentially you either buy a full game for 20$, or you don't and get your chain/disk/etc for free while doing the in-game stuff for weapons like Bolt that are more niche. Totally reasonable, and helps improve accessibility and grow the playerbase which is never a minor consideration for tribes games.
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