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    Scarabrae pug.
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    Hey all! Kickstarter starts at 11AM PST / 2PM EST / 8PM CEST TODAY!

    Along with the Kickstarter launch there is gonna be some pretty cool stuff going on over at the Midair Twitch channel.

    A "48 hours of streaming" is happening on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, with some LIVE CASTED PUGS starting at 5PM PST / 8PM EST on both Friday and Saturday! You might even see a few of your favorite legionnaires in the mix. ;)

    Here is a link to the info page with a stream schedule of everything that's going to be happening.

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    Someone should fix the countdown timer cuz it says 5 hours when it's really only 1 hr

    EDIT: nvm found solution on other forum
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    Sorry for asking here... but when dev will tell us about minimal system requirements ??
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    When we know them! We are still optimizing Midair and as such don't have exact requirements.
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    Hello guys, long time passed since i've left legions overdrive first and then t:a.
    i've seen that midair have reached the kickstarter money quote...
    would love to play something like that :)
    Greet to all of you, i guess you're all ok!
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