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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Braiken, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Braiken

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    I was thinking about how to make combat a bit more interesting, especially weapon choices when I had this idea. Different ammunitinos for different purposes:

    0) Default ammo: The ones we currently have in-game (from now on it's DA)

    1) Fire ammo: Causes less damage than DA, but has a burn effect. The faster your target moves the stronger this burn effect is (thus very fast moving targets would take more damage from it then from DA in total). LR shouldn't have this ammo since it would be way too convinient for it. RL/GL/CG can get it, and the total damage would be the default damage they cause (like 75% DA) +5% of the caused damage as burn effect empowered by speed (higher speed stronger burn effect). So if you hit your target directly with a rocket it would have a stronger burn effect than when you just barely scratch it.

    2) Acid ammo: This one causes extra damage against heaver armored targets. Like against light armor (75% DA), medium (100% DA), heavy (120% DA), making it a choice for LO, or against heavy cappers. All weapons could gain acces to it.

    These ammunitions could be acquired in new ammo stations (1 per base), or by adding an option to the current ones.

    The numbers are subject to change since I was mostly randomly throw them in. It would require lot of testing to make them balanced

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  2. DeadPixel

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    Fire ammo - The faster you go the more damage it causes? You would surely cool down at that speed just like the chaingun takes less time to overheat when travelling at high velocity. If you get damaged more when you travel slower that would help the fight against llama's plus it would make sense. Easy physics really[​IMG] Still, Not a bad idea. One like for you!
  3. Lin

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    Not really. Faster speeds equal more wind equal better oxygen flow equals hotter fire. The cooling only takes effect if the incoming air is colder than the heat source, so a red-hot windbreaker should do the job.
  4. DeadPixel

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    Red hot windbreaker ^^
  5. Propkid

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    You could expand on this really nicely. Think of each weapon having a unique ammo set.
    Since I like to bring things from other games I instantly thought of Borderlands when I saw this thread. IMO we could take a lot from the Borderlands weapons and grenade types.
  6. Vinzyboy23

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    Don't forget ice ammo.
  7. skypredator

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    Full metal jackets for the CG. Plastic Explosives and sticky grenades for the Grenade launchers. Oh, can't forget the miniature warheads for the RL. xD More air resistance creates a drag vacuum behind the projectile, causing most of the flame to dissipate in mili-seconds, due to the lack of oxygen. That's the only factor checking tracers from becoming hurtling spears of fiery death. We're talking about small suits of metal that can take a high-explosive rocket and not die, with nothing but, say, one inch of steel to protect itself. Fire bullets wouldn't do much to steel, and even if it were implemented in-game, the CG would overheat faster than normal. I could see rounds of CG ammunition with hollow tips, filled with poison, CG rounds with hollow tips filled with acid, or CG rounds with tiny temperature sensors on the inside. Once a significant change in temperature is felt by the sensor (I.E., a round inside a player), the sensor would send an electric charge to a fuse, and the fuse would set off a small packet of explosive, thus doing a slight amount of damage more than normal CG rounds. That would do some damage. I suggest sticky grenades and smoke grenades for the Stinger. Smoke grenades are not as far fetched as you may suppose. Smoke grenades have a range of nearly 100 feet. That's a lot of area being blocked from view. This, coupled with the new and improved IFF, would cause a new, more dynamic gameplay style in Legions, and also force players to adapt to new situations. More dynamic game = more interesting game.
  8. Lin

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    Hows about instead of the cg things being bullets, they're balls of plasma, with a single-use fuel core used to generate the plasma encased in brass, resulting in the trails and the shells. That kind of deals with the whole unrealistic because the suit is so protective thing.

    CG specialist was removed, and cg got a damage decrease. a damage increase is not going to happen.
  9. skypredator

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    Then we'll never have any plasma bullets, now would we? There will be a bullet trail either way, because of tiny little fires caused by air resistance and the small vacuum left behind my the round displacing air so quickly. Which is why you can see tracers. The CG got a damage decrease because it was a very powerful weapon in the hands of ONLY the skilled. The Devs wanted to even out the weapon stats so that more experienced players wouldn't be able to pr4wn n()()b5 like they're Chuck Norris's sons.
  10. Lin

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    But doesn't the added damage boost still mean that experienced players could pr4wn n()()b5 like they're Chuck Norris's sons all over again? I don't see how the motivations of the devs has anything to do with the outcome.
  11. PureWhoopAss

    PureWhoopAss Legions Developer

    hmmmm dum dum rounds
  12. skypredator

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    That's my point, Lin. And Sure, Pure. Those would be really nice. I wouldn't mind getting filled with Blue-Raspberry goodness. That's why we can't have any other type of CG round without giving us a separate amount of ammunition for each type, and each round would do slightly less damage per instant hit than normal CG rounds, but there would be DoT effects. What I would love to see in-game is a base asset that allows a player to set down a device that scrambles the enemies' HUD. This way, they have no idea how much ammunition they have left, how much energy they have left, and how much health they have left. This would be composed of nothing but a strong magnetic field, and the effects would last from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, depending on how long the said player was within the fields reach, and how close to the device they were.
  13. Braiken

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    The reason I left ice ammo out is that it should cause some slow effect, and I can't even imagine how to make that balanced, how much damage should it do, how slow would it make the target, at what rate does it slow the target down etc. If you notice both my suggestions purely give a change in damage (which is mostly numbers apart from visuals) so they shouldn't be that hard to balance.

    Sometimes I get a bug where my HUD disappears or hows nothing, so in a form of a bug it is already implented;)

    You can call these ammunitions whatever you like, the basic concept behind the Fire ammo is to have rounds which are only effective against fast targets. Acid ammo is great against heavy but it's weak against light armor. There's a something to gain and something to lose. That's the concept behind it. I feel these would add some more diversity to the game, make duels, capping, LOing and other stuff more challenging.
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  14. Lin

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    I still don't think you're totally understanding what I'm trying to say here.

    Looking at this quote:

    I was thinking that you were proposing to have an alternate type of ammo that exists solely to increase damage per bullet.

    By saying this:

    I was implying that because the damage per bullet was decreased by the developers, a damage per bullet increase would not make it into the game.
  15. skypredator

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    Either way, several .50 Caliber Rounds will be effective against targets. ;)