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Discussion in 'Custom Maps' started by Hi!, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Xzanth

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  2. Hi!

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    :cool::cool: Just wanted to see the reaction but my god, here's an edit *makes life easier
  3. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

    It's not about the sentence dont touch core beside texture changes.
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  4. Hi!

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    Download files

    - removed llama highway and replaced it with 2/3 bowls
    Legions 2016-03-27 00-33-52-96.png

    Legions 2016-03-27 00-34-09-86.png

    ReactorPUG (on Sins request) - changed terrain to snow as well as skybox
    Legions 2016-03-27 00-39-27-65.png

    Download files
  5. TylerMarket

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    Wow that's a really great map on the bottom
  6. Hi!

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    That's Reactor, in snow form.....:confused:
  7. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

    You added snow. Instantly a great map. That is how it works.

    Good change to ridgeline btw. Maybe could use something more but idk what myself. But a improvement. Should play it next pug night I enjoyed the map.
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  8. Hi!

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    Kinda dumb for this game to have only 1 likable texture on maps.

    People are saying it's a smooth map but some parts of it weren't that smoothed out, gonna go over it one more time.
  9. Fixious

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    Dark textures just don't work well with the game. It's the same reason we don't have any night maps, or maps with dark skies (other than OTTN). Player models are hard enough to see as-is from a distance. Up against a dark background just makes things worse. Sand is another decent texture to use, though.

    As for Ridgeline, I've added your latest version to the next round of updates. I think it's smooth enough as-is and didn't have any crater issues, other than boosting into the damn boost rings (could probably be replaced with normal jump pads). I also fixed the out of bounds grid showing up way too late.
  10. Hi!

    Hi! Contributor

    I'm a little confused by this? Thought I had fixed?
    I was under the impression that a lot of people enjoyed the idea of those boost rings

    Could have sworn that several routes/landing bowls needed a smooth pass again but if you say so.
  11. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Well I wasn't capping so I'm probably wrong. As for the boost rings, I remember hearing a few people complain about boosting into the shape itself. It wasn't a regular occurrence though.
  12. Hi!

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    It's very simply to avoid those, and I think it's better to have something different than the old Jump pads, makes the map feel and look different
  13. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    If you faced into the arches, you would hit the boost pad. So if people wanted to boost to the side, it wouldn't work 50% of the time