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  1. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    Legions Overdrive Voice Pack Creator V1.1 (Beta)
    (Go here if you want to code it yourself or do it manually)

    A simple GUI to make and distribute voice packs, with option of team only and custom sounds (.wav)

    If you have any feedback/errors PLEASE send me a PM on the forums.
    (Keep in mind it is still in beta :D)

    Version 1.1 BETA (*Update, Fixed link*)
    This will be the last version I develop, unless the VP system changes, or I get a request.

    Download HERE

    Updated to 1.1!

    Added "Groupception" You can now add groups in groups!

    Added tree diagram, to keep track of groups added
    -It also works with groupception!

    Unlimited chat in groups! (Until you run out of keys)
    -Just press "add chat" whenever you want to add more.

    -Added stats
    -Changed enabled button order. Now even easier to use.
    -Improved tab order

    How to Update
    To update, uninstall the version you currently have, download the new version, and run setup.exe.

    ----Old Versions----
    Version 1.0 BETA
    Download HERE


    How to Use *READ*

    First select the path to the quick chat folder. (..\legions Overdrive\live\data\sound\quickchat)

    Then select what your chat set will be called . (Such as my_chat, team_chat or southParkVoicePack)
    Click Create files.

    Tick the box to allow you to make a group. A group is what you see when you first open quick chat, (e.g. Global, Taunts etc.). Only use alphanumeric characters.

    The box to the right is the key used to open the group.

    Indicator is the Individual chat names, such as "Hello", "Haha" or "Capture the flag". Only use alphanumeric characters. Key is the letter to use that chat.

    Text is what is says in the chatbox in game.

    Sound is the sound played, use the browse buttons to select sound. Currently, only wav files are supported. (If you don't want a sound, leave it blank)

    The team only tick boxes are selecting if the chat can be heard by everyone, or just your team.

    Once you have finished your group click add group, then go to step 3 to add another.
    If you are happy with your chat, click finalize. (Otherwise it won't work)

    It should Look like this!

    Go in game and switch to your voice pack :D!

    How to Share Your Voice Pack*READ*

    If you want to share your voice pack, do exactly as you did before, but to a new folder, suck as "Jimmys Voice Pack".

    Copy the contents of "Jimmy's Voice Pack" into a zip folder, and share it on the forum.

    Tell them to extract it to their quick chat folder. (..\legions Overdrive\live\data\sound\quickchat) and to change the voice in game to Jimmys_voice_pack.

    (If you have already installed your voicepack to the quickchat folder, you must copy.the .cs files and all correct sounds e.g. jimmy.hello.wav and jimmy.bye.wav into the zipped folder.
    That's it!


    Having issues?

    Application not starting?
    Make sure you have the latest version of .NET installed.

    Quick chat not working?
    1) Update legions
    2) Click the Check for Updates button.
    2) Make sure none of the files in your quickchat folder are read only.
    3) Make sure the files you selected are .wav files, and are not corrupted.
    4) make Sure you ONLY used alphanumeric characters in you voice pack names.
    (It also helps to keep spaces to a minimum.)

    5) You must NOT have made a duplicate voice chat. Don't name it Cyborg, Snakey, Sarge or any other already used voice pack names.
    6) Send your Log, or the cs file to

    Still having issues? Email Me or Send Me a PM on the forums
    SEND ME the contents of your .cs file.
    DONT post here about your issues, .cs files are long.
  2. A2

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    Wow! Amazing stuff! Next Dev imo <3 :p
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  3. U8er

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    This is awesome, thank you!
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  4. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    Can't try this out from where I'm at, but I'm asuming this won't be able to create groups into groups?
    In other words you cannot create: C QuickChat -> T Team -> O Offence -> N "We need more offence!"?
  5. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    Not at the mo no :/
    I will have a look in a bit, working on something else at the mo ;)
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  6. Jedired1

    Jedired1 Member

    u have to make a new set u cant replace existing ones
  7. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    What he is meaning is, not changing the groups. But having groups within groups.
  8. Strife

    Strife Moderator

    Very nice work yet again.
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  9. Immanent

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    Edit: I get a main.cs error when exec message. I'll send you my main.cs asap!
  10. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    Email me and we will get it sorted :)
    EDIT: Fixed Immanent
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  11. Immanent

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    I shall compliment thou as thou hath instructed onto me. I wisheth to expresseth my utmosteth gratitude!

    But seriously thank you so much!
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  12. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    No groups, no download! ;)
  13. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    It does have groups. Just not groups in groups.
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  14. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    No download! ;)
  15. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    *sigh* You can code it manually then royalty :/
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  16. Royalty

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    Lol jokes don't worry. Groups would be nice, but either way nice work.
  17. A2

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    You so mean.

    3lionz lemme snuggle you <3
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  18. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    *Cries into arms*
    Royalty said mean things!

    Seriously though, i'm working on it ;)
  19. Immanent

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    I can't pass the flag when I change to my voice pack :L
    I like how you editted 5) twice :D
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  20. Vox

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    i installed the quick chat installer and norton said it was a malicious program trying to invade my computer so it removed it. :confused: