Legions is too sensitive to lag

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by futureemokid, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. futureemokid

    futureemokid Member

    so every time there is some lag i get stuck in that limbo where i hear the sounds of the game but im stuck in mid air and cant move, respawn or chat
    i hope this will be fixed in the future cause i just cant stand it any more
  2. MJ1284

    MJ1284 Member

    It's connection issue, either your connection is bad or the server is simply messed up.
  3. Shanks

    Shanks Private Tester

    Doesn't seem to happen to me anymore in the Justice servers. If you are still playing in the hotswap servers i'd recommend you try to stay in Justice
  4. 57thKB24

    57thKB24 Member

    I get better ping in Hotswap servers than Justice even if I am in Asia.
  5. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    Meh, I agree the game is too Dependant on ping. But what ya gonna do about it?
  6. Disci

    Disci Old man

    No wonder. Hotswap is in the central part of USA and Justice is on east coast.
  7. Redvan

    Redvan Private Tester

    wait for servers in your area. if they tailor the game to suit the needs of high pingers, it would be a shittastic game
  8. Outlawl

    Outlawl Macabre

    I don't think he's talking about the weapon-fire lag guys, rather he's talking about the lag spikes we all experience on the servers.

    We're working to decrease the frequency of these stutters futureemokid, just hang in there.
  9. MightySheep

    MightySheep Member

    this is the worst game for lag I know

    If my ping goes to even 150 then my screen starts shaking all over the place and I can barely move without being teleported backwards and it freezes every few seconds

    and the weapons seem so reliant on good ping
  10. DOS4/GW

    DOS4/GW Member

    Too reliant, really, but I doubt that there's anything that anyone can do about it. It's pretty frustrating, really; at a certain point, your ping limits how good of a player you actually can be.
  11. UtadaHikaru

    UtadaHikaru Member

    It also annoys everyone else who doesn't get lag because most of the time we can visibly see other people rubberbanding back and forth making it a little harder to aim and it them, even on the ground because you can't see their actual position.
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  12. JBreezy

    JBreezy Member

    I see alot of people comlaining about this, i am one of them, is anythig actually getting done to fix this cause it seems like all i ever hear is " we have to assume its your connection"
  13. Daphinicus

    Daphinicus Private Tester

    Unfortunately, bud, it really does look like it's your connection. That doesn't mean your connection itself is bad; just that whatever routing that's taking place between your system and the server's location ain't the greatest. Not your fault at all, but there's also a limited amount we can do about it. I don't believe (though I could be wrong) that we're working at the engine-level, and even if we were, we don't really have the manpower to devote a ton of time to fixing it. The best we can do is provide servers in optimal locations for as many folks as possible; unfortunately, that can mean that some folks don't get servers incredibly close to where they live. We are on an unbelievably limited budget, after all.

    It's a free game, bud. You ain't paying for it, but that also means you don't get paid-title, AAA-quality guarantees. Wish that weren't the case, but it is. =/
  14. JBreezy

    JBreezy Member

    :( this makes me sad, imma hit a bowl
  15. DOS4/GW

    DOS4/GW Member

    Fruit Loops?
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  16. UtadaHikaru

    UtadaHikaru Member

    I think he meant something else. but for the sake of the younger part of the community, i'll leave it out of this post.
  17. Siantlark

    Siantlark Member

    It might just be the servers. I went on a European server cuz the US servers were empty or already filled and was expecting a warping game with absolutely nothing showing up (Because the ping on the menu said 200+) and was surprised to actually have one of my smoothest games I've had in a long time.

    Of course someone will come and correct me and say it was my imagination now.

    Maybe. Or maybe it was just the Muse songs playing in the background...
  18. Immanent

    Immanent Member

    Most online (shooter) games are sensitive to lag fyi...
  19. Justice is also relatively central.

    A number of (mostly east coast, NY-NJ area and Canada) are experiencing this problem (screen freezes, can hear what's going on but you can't play until you leave and rejoin) on the new Justice servers. That might also be your problem. You can play on the Hotswaps or Euros right now to avoid this.
  20. Siantlark

    Siantlark Member

    I think this deals more with Ping rather than lag in the sense that you are thinking of.