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Discussion in 'Modifications' started by IzRaPiDz, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. IzRaPiDz

    IzRaPiDz Guest

    Alright, could anyone help me out. I'm wanting a script when someone joins my server, it'l come up with a welcome message. How would i do this? Thanks!
  2. Voltage

    Voltage Puzzlemaster

    I've sometimes seen a welcome message 'Welcome to legions Voltage' pop up in the chat when I join some of the dedicated servers, it's definitely possible.
  3. IzRaPiDz

    IzRaPiDz Guest

    Yar me to.

    If i could find the "waiting until more players join" message thing it'l help me out i think
  4. Volt Cruelerz

    Volt Cruelerz Legions Developer

    Idk where the join function takes place, but you could place it in Player::cancelInvincibility() so it would happen shortly after joining. Then, just have a variable that stores it so it doesn't spit it out every time you spawn. As for the code itself to print a message...

    bottomPrintClient(%player.client, "Welcome", 3000);
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  5. IzRaPiDz

    IzRaPiDz Guest

    Cheers mate

    Where would i find the file which as the Player::cancelInvincibility()
  6. Volt Cruelerz

    Volt Cruelerz Legions Developer

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