Draft Tournament.

Discussion in 'Competition' started by Doomsify, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

  2. Homingun

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    I'm a bit skeptical as to how this might turn out, but you can add my name to the hat.

    Sound advice.

    I would add that the rules be agreed upon by all captains to avoid drama and there be some substantial repercussions for breaking said rules.

    Also since none of Legion's maps are truly symmetrical, it might be more balanced to play 2 games, one on each side, and have the sum of the caps determine the victor.

    I have a feeling smurfing might become an issue once a team starts to go try-hard. I would suggest that players be made to use the names they signed up here and have them be present in TS when playing.
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  3. Doomsify

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    well we need a fourth captain now since Ucan cant pick teams this weekend.
  4. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    take that back. we will be picking teams on Monday or Tuesday.
  5. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    can i participate?
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  6. Disci

    Disci Old man

    No stefy. People don't like your kind of people.
  7. Doomsify

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    Hmmmmm. Disci said no, sooo idk man. Jk of course more peoole the better.
  8. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    whens the best time for everyone for the tournament to start?
  9. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Im good Friday after 10pm, all day saturday and sunday.

    With what like 7 teams we should try and make a day of it, if we start late on Friday there is no way every team would finish all their matches if we are going a best 2/3.
    Are there going to be any sort of Refs watching the matches and keeping track of the wins/loss and team advancements/match setups?
  10. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    I was thinking screen shots.

    And I know some of the players are going away for two weeks beginning of August, and I wanted to start it next week.
  11. i will play
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  12. Doomsify

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  13. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

  14. tree

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    Can you put 'SynistaJay' down to play as a sub please?

    Edit: He wants to play, but not as a sub.
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  15. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Not sure whats funny about a black man eating grapes..
  16. Doomsify

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    Teams are being picked today, games start next weekend. If know one is avaible next weekend let me know
  17. Pilotkiwii

    Pilotkiwii pipeChamp

    I will be gone for the next few weeks, I'm getting back by August 15th.
  18. Xzanth

    Xzanth Legions Developer

    away from 1st-8th
  19. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    Whens the best time for everyone then?
  20. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    I know some people start college next month.