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    I believe the main problem is how boost core users can pop out of a corner, use boost, grab flag, rocketjump, and still have full energy to conserve and increase their velocity. And considering the majority of the player base has a penchant for small maps, the boost grabber is likely to be close to his own base. This is an issue to chasers because it is essentially what they themselves do to catch up to flag carriers (without the flag grabbing part of course).

    Many of these ideas while fixing the boost llama problem break the game in other areas such as:

    The can't grab for x seconds after boost doesn't make sense from a game mechanics point of view. It would break fast cappers using boost just before grabs. Also it would be clunky to judge when the x seconds will be up to grab since the distance of boost core initiation from the stand would change based on initial velocity.

    Slowing down players during grabs after using the boost core doesn't make much sense either. It would feel clunky in this game where momentum conservation is fundamental to the game movement mechanics. Just like the x seconds idea, it would break fast cappers using boost just before grab.

    The disable of boost around a radius of the stand would make any sort of boost returns impossible at enemy bases when enemy flag is on their stand. It would also make it very clunky to keep track of whether enemy flag is on their stand amidst the chaos to be able to use boost.

    The best solution I see is energy drain based on the difference in time between boost core initiation and the grab. I feel like 5 secs is a good starting point where the percent drain ramps up to 100% at 0 sec difference. This way the grabber will not have energy to keep and increase his velocity giving chaser time to catch up. This will also not have any affect on chasing. It will have a bit of impact on fast capping, but shouldn't hurt it too much since they already have high velocity.

    I think the issue with using boost core from behind certain bases such as frostbyte or wintermelt is a map issue where the back hills already give a large initial velocity that the boost core adds on to. Most of the time, they can be abused just as much with a simple rocket jump as has been done in the past without boost.
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  2. By that logic, anything that's broken shouldn't be fixed? Nothing should ever be fixed?
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    Good point, but in a situation like that the boost core would be just like the OD core (except Sent IOD), which would be fine with me.
    Or.... in a situation like that los could be used. If the player has the flag in their LOS allow boosting in the radius.

    I think this weekend i might code it up and test since pops hasn't said anything on it in 12 days.
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    I did not include this in the most recent update with the mini league so close. Going with homi's idea mostly, at first I was leaning towards something like Arma's but homi made some good points about how it would hurt return and other areas. We can test the values some for the drain in the upcoming pugnight and see how people feel about waiting for the mini league or not to finish before pushing it through.
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    A more extreme idea if zapping energy isn't enough is to stop energy regen after grab for a period of time.