ascend bolt rifle

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Armageddon, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Armageddon

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    No keys needed. Go play.
  2. WildFire

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    Record levels of team stupidity have been reached in Tribes Ascend in conjunction to this.
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  3. RisingSun

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  4. WildFire

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    Stopped watching when I heard the music.
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  5. Severance

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    this just made me realize i haven't played TA in longer than i thought i had.
  6. Pure4Pwnge

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  7. RisingSun

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    Wanted to trun graphics up in game to look better. i don't think it did much :eek:
  8. Pure4Pwnge

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    i was referring to the audio.
  9. BestCharmie

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    Tried playing it, ran it at 10fps in minimal setting. :D sucky computer :D
  10. Application-1

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  11. Dabbleh

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    Hot Fuzz.. <3
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  12. release date => 12th of April

    edit: 7:42
    And I hate auto embed
  13. Fixious

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    So true.
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  14. Defender

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    The reload animation on the disc launcher after each fire, is anoying to me. If they had it reload after a few shots, I could maybe like it..
  15. Application-1

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  16. Jordahan

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    "World's fastest shooter"
  17. Xtreme

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  18. Fixious

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  19. Application-1

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    EU server split: London and Amsterdam.
    Why so close to eachother everyone would pick amsterdam that does not live in england because it that bit closer. Or am I reading it wrong? But hey as a dutch person I shouldn't complain but still wtf.
  20. Volt Cruelerz

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