Post your pictures here!


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1. Me playing NFS: Hot Pursuit at PAX 2010 (wearing my Legions shirt!).
2. Stopped at a building at the edge of a cliff while traveling down Historic Route 30 in Oregon. Incredible view btw.

P.S. Transition lenses ftw.


First thing I found on my harddrives. File date is about a year old.

Its a Mosin Nagant. Made before mass production started, so its great quality. With a scope worth 9 times the rifle which we had to modify the bolt for, so they wont collide.


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These holidays I went boarding with some mates of mine with all we were with 7 people and look how cool i am! Helmet is a must these days. :(

Bad quality though took the pictures with my Ipod. :|


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Never had any problems with my head but gdamn twisting your knee hurts! P.S. Fix it properly if you do. Can bother you quite badly later in your life.