Nostalgia thread

Hey guys. Last time I really played Legions was when I was in middle school and I'm 21 now. Went by NeonSolstice and later LunarisDream. Pretty sure nobody remembers me although I do see a few familiar names like Fixious and yami who are still here. :)

Was chatting up w/ a friend on Slack when he started talking about Tribes. Then I went to my channel to pull up a Legions vid from a long time ago to show him what it was like, and nostalgia struck.

This is that video:

Hopefully I can relearn the ropes and get in a couple games w/ the rest of ya during February when I'm back in the U.S. Haven't played since the mini nades were added. Now we have sentries and stuff? Crazy.

And wow, my emo black&white anime signature from back then expired. Probably for the best lol.


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Welcome back, I remember a NeonSolstice.

Sorry to say that the game is pretty much dead. Here is a quick explanation of the state of the game:

And the engineer core was in briefly but has since been removed because it was too buggy. I wasn't even around when it was in game. The current game is probably pretty close to what you remember, with the exception of boost core which is pretty widely used instead of overdrive. You can watch the videos from our last game night (1/14/17) for an idea of what the game looks like now


God... a friend mentioned to me a few days ago if I remember IA and all the games it had..and here I am watching your video.. so many names I remember playing with. Btw i used to go by a1Enism, 57thHawk, or just Hawk when I was playing for -ET-. Trying to get the game up and running on my Macbook Air :\


Hey mate, the name NeonSolstice is very familiar, but I don't remember much else haha.

How time flies! I was almost 12 years old when I began playing this game on iA - 22 now! The Legions community has been my first ever, and only long-running gaming community that I've been a part it of!

Glad to see you all still around from time to time! :)