Focus on Creating More Players


10 years too late.

Points 1-3 The "Dev Team" left years ago, most of the guys who didn't help on MidAir have all but vanished. There probably won't be a new set of developers working on legions because its 12 years old and extremely dated.
Points 4-6 Do that yourself, You don't need permission from anyone to promote the game or make BoomerBook pages for it. At the same time don't expect anyone here to take up something you can easily do yourself.
Point 7 There are very few people if any even playing the game, No people no point. Again you're welcome to do this yourself.
Point 8 Ok, do it.
Point 9 Cool, have fun.

Setting up a server is pretty straight forward, theres even a guide in the help forums.

Anyhow friend i wish you nothing but luck in reviving legions, godspeed you king.


If we could find a decent engine coder that could add back the functions and or datablock class types for projectile lighting and explosion light, that was stripped out of the engine, that would be a nice start, and see what else can be easily added back to the game engine for better particle effects, explosions, etc. I would be willing to give it a try, most of it would probably be copy and paste and some subclass function editing to add hopefully.. just need access to the game engine.. Then hopefully everything else can be found in the TGA forums and resources. I just wish the game lighting for explosions and projectiles was added back, I'm happy with everything else i have to work with in my mod..
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