A pretty long mortar MA..


I gotta try tribes one of these days

Just wait for next Tribes title, Ascend ain't worth it anymore.
Still, if you (or anyone else reading the thread) wanna give it a shot I have unused Gold voucher I won from a competition while ago, just PM me here or in YouTube and I'll pass it on.

EDIT: Sent code to stefy, but IIRC they renewed their "Like us on Facebook, get 100 Gold" campaign. They're also gifting codes (nearly) every day on T:A Twitch streams (on top of it you get to watch ever so smexy APC playing T:A), one of the codes is 250 Gold.


pubs are still very fun in tribes, but you do need an half decent computer to run it. though the minimum system specs have gone way lower since the introduction of -notexturestreaming