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    Any lurkers want to play Midair?

    Post here
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    [Giveaway] DRAWING MARCH 21ST 5PM EST [Giveaway]

    I wanted to wait until they gave us an official date of release so that people didn't have to wait forever once they found out they won, but since I'm not sure when that's happening... The drawing will be March 21st at 5PM EST on, there will be a rock, paper...
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    [Giveaway] DRAWING MARCH 21ST 5PM EST [Giveaway]

    ok signups are over, will post again when I get a date for when i'll do the drawings
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    [Giveaway] DRAWING MARCH 21ST 5PM EST [Giveaway]

    Hello all, I have approximately 10 Alpha keys to give to people when the time comes in March. I am planning to gather names and pick a random 10 using to randomize the names then pick numbers. If you are interested then post here that you would like entered in the...
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    12/4 4pm EST Play date. Help me christen my new PC

    4pm midair draft i cannot help but will think about telling wife
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Discord link
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    To Legions...

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    Legions Video - Upload your demos!!Ad8CxKCC!tQRA5PGkbrAbX9eRNeiqcQ
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    Legions Video - Upload your demos!

    I will have a couple maps from last night to give you when i get a chance
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    New Game - MIDAIR
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    random pictures

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    Legions players

    Saturdays at 8pm est there is a slight chance for games if you join the teamspeak: Your next best bet is to keep an eye on this
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    Legions Video - Upload your demos!

    That's the point of this post... to give the game a good send off I'll upload mine if i have any on my other computer but there's none on my current one
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