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    So I heard people still frequent these forums?

    Sometimes Seymour comes here to lurk in the shadows.
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    1 Year

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    Nostalgia thread

    21?! That's not helping Seymour feel any younger. :oops:
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    Behind the scenes.

    You should sleuth us up some Fallen Empire: Legions era content. Focus on the rumored 'power claw' melee weapon. Get!
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    Engineering Grad School Advice

    Unfortunately Seymour doesn't have much advice in your chosen field and can only offer you a hearty 'congrats!' As for exercise, early morning jogging would probably be your best bet. Doesn't need much prep time and it'd get you awake and energized for a long day of schoolin'.
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    If you stream on twitch I'll watch you play... by yourself.
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Same could be said for your face.
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    You nerds could get yourself prepared for the game by having a Tribes-pug night next time you get together. I'm sure @Fixious would be more than happy to get you guys setup.
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    How's the player scale? It looked proper in the videos I've seen, but just wanted to make sure we won't be playing using dwarfs again (ala Legions). How is the mortar range and damage atm? Comparable to T1?
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    Why don't you nerds put a little quarter dome around the flag. Keep the side routes still fairly accessible and a little port door on the back of the dome. Even a guy like Application-1 should be able to deal with backroutes easier if he just needs to alter a backcappers route a bit (so...
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    Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

    There's a downtrodden Wii U tucked away somewhere in there too.
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    Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

    Here's the latest pic. Moved everything to a different wall, moved the bookshelf into the closet, and added a few government surplus items. One of the better perks of being in the Arctic: anything that goes into surplus, because it's too expensive to ship back south, they try to give away...
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    Trying to get back

    What's your budget and where you located?
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    Movie Trailer Thread

    Be nice, dude's supposed to be a teenager so he's going to sound like Shaska.
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    Movie Trailer Thread

    Really liking the Spider-man redesign, and those eyes!