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    Come get some Anti_Lovin Bitches

    That's crazy man you literally crossed my mind yesterday. How have you been? Still sky diving? I'd be down to do some dueling just hmu on discord. (Cancel)
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    Bringing back regular PUGs

    This is still one of my favourite games to date. I really hope people will start playing and not only when it's pug time. Let's do this
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    I'll be here. - Cancel
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    Definitely coming.
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    Merry Late Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Sup guys. Just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and I hope everything goes well throughout the new year. Including getting legions active again :P
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    Gaming PC Build?

    Sweet. Thanks!
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    Gaming PC Build?

    Yeah I'm gonna wait until Black Friday. Maybe even Christmas if I can get more money and build even a better one. Sweet. I personally trust NVIDIA drivers even graphics more. There's just something about them. Also if I can just link you this , this is what graphics would look like with a gtx...
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    Gaming PC Build?

    Alright. I guess it's sin's setup since it's way cheaper, however, if I see a huge reduction in prices I'll go with Jordahan's or maybe even a better one. Thanks everyone. I'll keep you updated.
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    Gaming PC Build? A link of some parts I picked out. Any advice?
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    Gaming PC Build?

    Hey guys. I'm really considering building a pc that wouldn't be expensive, but would also be fairly good when it comes to gaming. I have a $500 budget and it would be really great if you guys could help me out with finding some of the best parts that you guys know of the complete the build as I...
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Pretty disappointed to be honest. I was hoping that it would be a lot more like legions. Faster and more free movement. An equal balance between tribes and legions was what I was hoping for. I guess they're leaning more towards the tribes gameplay. Really hoped it would've been a Legions 2. Come...
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    Legions and Memory

    After resetting my computer to its factory settings and changing my isp and buying a new modem that runs on 12 mbps the problem is now gone. I truthfully think it was the internet. Too many packets being sent or whatever caused the spiking of my ping which would cause my display to be kind of...
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    Post your pictures here!

    After a sweet 16 party last December. :D
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    Legions and Memory

    And how would I fix this? Oh really? Tbh I don't think it's my integrated graphics because I get close to 200 fps before a game starts. I think it's my net. I'm not sure. Very odd. I'll just drop this out there, I haven't changed my modem in like 12 years. No updates/upgrades to it either :(
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    Legions and Memory

    Lmao my computer isn't bad. I just think that the internet really fucks up the performance. Don't ask me how but it has done so with every laptop/desktop that has used it but whenever I use someone else's net it runs fine. Computer Specs: