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    Post your pictures here!

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    Weapons Update Now Live

    are there more ppl than me who think that grenades from the grenadelaunger explode too late? id suggest sth in between the old GL and the new GL...
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    Post your pictures here!

    nice magicstick you got there :)
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    Best/Decent Hof In legions?

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    Post your pictures here!

    Elder & Nvidia
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    2 bugs of the new update

    I found two bugs: 1. When I use handgrenades I don't see them flying. So I see only the explosion. - *fixed* 2. When I mid-air s.o with GLII (I used Cluster class) it doesnt say "try to...." but "got lessons in b...". EDIT: Bug 1 seems to be fixed now. EDIT²:3. GLII nade mas tend to bounce off...
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    Plasma Bug

    I have the same problem. All weapons except CG, RL, LR and GL are affected by this bug. Plus the projectiles of the Plasma- and Blastergun. Screenie:
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    Do you solely play to win?

    on a pub idc about winning or losing, most of the time i help the losing team. in pugs i play to win but i'm not sad when losing if the game was close and exciting.
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    New hand grenades, the Skybolt and more

    1.can't wait for rls^^ 2. i like the skybolt because it makes it easier for some newplayers to hit sth. i remember when i started to play i had problems witht the game because you never aim where the enemy actually is. its like a newcomer-weapon. 3. the frag-handgrenades do fairly good dmg but...
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    In7 - Official Thread

    Sponsored by steelseries. the funny thing about it: In7 has started with about 7 players in legions (including me). :D:D
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    Your Favourite Operating System?

    I'm using Windows Vista. I know it is slow and makes my Pc slow either etc... Just to lazy to get used to a new sytem ;).
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    "Top 10 plays/shots" idea.. i need your help!

    We'll stay tuned as long as this won't take 9 months ;). RL :eek: Legions
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    Helping new non-english speaking Legions players

    eldermimmmi / Elder can speak German
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    Alias and Smurf tracker thread

    PurePr0vOkaTiOn = Julez260
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    Europe PUG List

    Well by that you mean picking Rippi, dont you?