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    Midair Fully Launches

    I was extremely disappointed when I realised they were just remaking Tribes for the n'teenth time. I really wish there was something like Legions again. :( Oh well. Rest in peace sweet prince.
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    Who owns the game currently?

    Yea... pay for IP and then pay for just as expensive marketing. :D
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    PARALISA!!! Wow, I did not expect to see this, good work Triad!
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    To Legions...

    making me sad :( <3
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    Funny IRC Quotes

    i cannot accept this as true
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    PAX Prime 2015

    *dance* you, come to the UK
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    Windows 10

    What about speed?
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    wus gucci
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    Windows 10

    As much as I hate Windows, I still use it. :( Yea, I'll be grabbing that free upgrade on release.
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    i like the loadout called 'ho'
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    Back in town !

    bro, way too late :(
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    Official public chat?

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    What a shame...

    Moved to csgo, lol
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    Hey scrubs, anyone playing this?

    Looks interesting, I hope this gets enough players.
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    Curious little fishy

    Paranoid as *dance*.