[win 7] Fps problem fixed (for me)

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    =THE_TROOPER= Private Tester

    I'll be brief.
    Today I upgraded my Win xp to Win 7.

    After the installation, my liiijnz suffered a huge fps drop (from 100-120 to 40).
    I did some tests but I was unable to fix this.

    I have 4Gb Ram on my computer but only 3 were available.
    It was "normal" with Win xp 32bit but It isn't with Win 7 64bit so i thought "fix this meanwhile".

    I googled for a while and then, from the bios (I have an Asus P5B Deluxe) I enabled the memory remapping option. Wohoo 4Gb available, the funny thing is that also liijnz was fixed and the fps, from the same tower of gorge, changed from 40 to 175


    This is going to be useless to the most of you but maybe there's someone else out there with this problem so..
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  2. MightySheep

    MightySheep Member

    how to enable this option I think it might be useful to me I have win7, 4gb, decent computer and not great fps (I play in default window for fps)

    =THE_TROOPER= Private Tester

    for my Asus PB5 Deluxe mobo:
    "Memory remap is activated from BIOS/Advanced/Chipset/Northbridge Chipset Configuration"

    but if your system already sees 4Gb this will not be useful
    If you have an Nvidia card, go into your Nvidia control panel and set "Performance" instead of "quality".
  4. phanakapan

    phanakapan Private Tester

    My fps always starts at about 200 and is completely stable for about 1.25 maps, then over the course of about 5 minutes it drops to about 6 to 10 fps and I'm forced to restart. Also win 7 with 4g ram. It seems like a memory leak, but the highest it ever goes is feom about 350mb to 500mb in task manager. Weird stuff.
  5. Pure4Pwnge

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    I used to get those FPS drops, but it's all good now.. Idk what I did

    =THE_TROOPER= Private Tester

    have you tried to control the temperature of gpu and cpu?
    maybe has nothing to do with your problem but some time ago with my old computer I had a similar problem and the cause was the overheating of the cpu.
  7. U8er

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    Seems to have fixed the problem for me, thanks.
  8. ContingencyPl4n

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    Cool that you were able to pull this off, glad to see you back in action

    Off-Topic, but damn BullFrog was the **** back in the day, so many good games!

    =THE_TROOPER= Private Tester

    Syndicate will forever have a place in my heart.

  10. Daphinicus

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    Theme Park all the way, baby.

    =THE_TROOPER= Private Tester

    and what about

  12. RockeyRex

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    Only if DK2 would still work on my systems =/