What did you get for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BestCharmie, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. BestCharmie

    BestCharmie Member

    Eh, I got:

    -Polaroid Camera
    -An electric fan that lights up and looks like the Eiffel tower
    -A top thingy
    -A Ripley's book
    -3 Boxers --LOL
    -Badminton Racket
    -1 Chocolate Bar

    What did you get? :D

    *Edit: Here's the Eiffel Tower, mini version. (taken by my new Polaroid Camera)


    (I had to resize, the image was 3 times bigger than my screen.
    From 3MB, I managed to make it 650KB)
  2. robke112

    robke112 New Member

    That is a FINE gift!

    I got

    -a jerrycan
  3. BeefThief

    BeefThief Beefy Member

    Well, it's still Christmas Eve here, but I suspect that I'm getting computer parts and money :D
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  4. masterluso

    masterluso Member

    Still Christmas Eve, but already I got an iTunes gift card, Best Buy gift card, the last Shrek movie on DVD, and a can of kettle corn. My dad's family is composed mainly of rednecks.
  5. Unknown

    Unknown Private Tester

    -A life
    -$$$ for a new computer
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  6. Redvan

    Redvan Private Tester

  7. BestCharmie

    BestCharmie Member

    Gasoline? LOL -.-
  8. Outlawl

    Outlawl Macabre

  9. A2

    A2 Member

    I got moar books for my Physics exam which is on Wednesday, and moar books for my Chemistry exam, which is on Saturday (the 1st - WTFFFFFFHHHH)
  10. aus.hsp

    aus.hsp Private Tester

    Legions. :)
  11. shadowdemonx9

    shadowdemonx9 Member

    Money, Cloths, and two parties (one has yet to start lol).
  12. Strife

    Strife Moderator

    PSP Go, 150 dollars, a bunch of clothes and a wifi dvd player.
  13. BestCharmie

    BestCharmie Member

    NU FAIR. I want 150 dollars! >:O. And a wifi DVD player! And a friking PSP GO! D:
  14. linerider64

    linerider64 Member

    I got
    --A box full of food and a basket ball in it
    --Bleach Mousepad
    --A bunch of T-Shirts
    --Php 1100
    --A Clock that looks like an iPod that fails because I can't set the time

    Best gift is the box full of food, But Didn't like the basket ball.
  15. Heartsong

    Heartsong Member

    G110 Keyboard
    G330 Headset
    Orochi Mouse
    6 GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
    Pen Set
    Summer Course in Paris
    Earth (the book)
    Target/Best Buy/Borders gift cards
    Mass Effect N7 Hoodie and miscellaneous less important clothes

    This is Christmas and my birthday lumped together, I can't honestly remember what was from when.
  16. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

    I got:

    - Clothes
    - exclusive handout of a dutch game magazine + gamestm magazine
    - 2 albums
    - backpack
    - leather case to protect my ipod in
    - and stuff that makes you smell better
  17. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    Money(ill buy a graphic card with it)
    A fine bottle of Ballantines
  18. aus.hsp

    aus.hsp Private Tester

    That's the most important thing :) and its the best present :)
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  19. Solid

    Solid Private Tester

    Microsoft Sidewinder x4 Keyboard
    Life Chat 3000 Headset
    Lifecam VW-5000
  20. Annihilate

    Annihilate Member

    A mac
    New earphones
    Clothes :p
    PS3 games