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    · Around 21 hours of total fighting

    · 7,548 unique characters belonging to those two coalitions participated in the overall battle (i.e. landed on at least one killmail). 6,058 participated directly in the B-R5RB system with 2,670 in system at max

    The Economic Impact


    According to some PLEX conversions that could equate to approximately $300,000-$330,000 USD.
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    I could really get into Eve quite easily but then no one will play it with me because they know how big of time sink it is, but then I want to smash their faces in because league each day takes about the same if not more time than Eve would maintaining an account a couple of months in (Being able to buy plex with the ingame currency)

    Also I wonder if they'll start accepting bitcoin for eve soon.
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    Yeah , I have tried to start 3x before and always quit for reasons like you describe. If I had just stuck with it I would be in a sweet/pvpable ship by now ;/
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    I saw a couple players trying to enter when I had my server up so for those who wanted to enter but couldnt....youll get to play it soon...

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    I start my spring break Monday so until then you guys will not get to play it :p, and I've had a little break here and there to edit, don't play anymore but this one should be my last release until May

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    He may look like someone you know?

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    This makes me feel sick to my stomach..
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    imagine the workers who have to climb that on a daily basis. or put the pieces of that crane together since it doesn't come fully built. or if you accidentally dropped a tool or something.
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    I cri evyrtim.
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    These awesome boy scouts did an AMAZING thing for their community!

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    Also, this is alarming! Teens are having sex at earlier ages than never before!

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