Weird Squares on Maps - Solved

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    Okay so I was going through the legions maps and realized that legions only has maps sizes 8 and 16, reason being is because for some reason when you make maps that are size 6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 you get these strange squares (see picture below). So I was really annoyed and decided to take a look into all of the legions terrain files to see if there was something causing it....turns out there is. I went through like 15 different .cs files, even though I had no clue what the hell I was looking for and decided that the weird and strange squares can't have anything to do with these files (why? I don't know) so it has to be in either the .mis file or the .ter file, well I can't open the .ter file in any editor so I chose the .mis files. I opened up BladeRun.mis, went down to TerrainBlock() and I just started changing stuff. Sure enough when I changed texelsPerMeter="4" to texelsPerMeter="1", the squares were no longer there. Changing it to anything below 1 will crash your game/client so don't try it....your terrain will look a little funky, it's not a bad type of funky nor is it a good type of funky. You should also change detailDistance = "42"; to something a little higher like 100 or 200 the number won't always be 42, depending on the map you're editing it might be something different. Relighting the terrain will also give you a better view of the squares and where they are located. . You're all VERY welcome by the way...some PT's you are.....(it's a joke)

    I also don't know if this should be in the Custom Maps section or here...since this is kind of a bug thing, so moderators you can choose :p

    Before with texelsPerMeter="4"

    After with

    You also have the option to change this in the editor as well. Press F11 to get into map editor, press F3 once you are in the editor then click the plus button for Simgroup - Environment and find TerrainBlock

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    Nice. I remember Pop messing with the texelsPerMeter thing with Monument. I think it deals with how many times a texture is repeated.
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    Bravo! :)
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    Thank you
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    Bring out the different sized maps boys
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    You'd think I'd want to but it's kind of annoying making maps no one's gonna play :(:(
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