VIDEOS: How to make a Map - Based off Map Editor Instructions

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  1. Hi!

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    This was all made according to Fixi's instructions located here.

    If you're making a map, good luck with it and and hope to see it in the Custom Maps section. Map Editor Instructions

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    If you try using the editor in full screen mode, the top will get cut off and you will be unable to use the editor. Here is a picture showing what I meant. Make sure you're in windowed mode.



    Windowed Mode
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  2. Fixious

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    Nice. You may want to add notations (you can do so after a video has been uploaded) for specific instructions, such as pointing out what to hold so you can rotate/scale objects.
  3. Hi!

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    Last part is up, if you're making a map good luck with them everyone
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    nice work.thx
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    I have part 3 but I had to stop it short so I didn't get to finish it but I will finish it tomorrow along with part 4 and upload them :).....lost my cool map due to launcher update :( so I had to use a regular one)
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    Yeah, the launcher deleting user-made maps is pretty lame. It might get changed sometime in the future.
  8. GReaper

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    Sorry, but no.

    @Hi! - your deleted maps should've been moved to the Recycle Bin, have a look in there.

    Also, before you start, copy/paste your Legions folder and don't run the launcher in that directory - just delete it. Rename it to the name of the map you're creating, with a new copy for each map - so when you go back to it you'll easily be able to tell what you're working on.
  9. Hi!

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    I took a look at it this morning and it didn't delete the maps, it updated the server/config.cs file and deleted the code I added to run the maps. The maps are still in the missions folder, I just have to add the code to run them again.

    I didn't think about that. Thank you for the tip, will add that in the video :)
  10. Hi!

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    I thought doing two parts in one video would make it short but apparently not....I never anticipated it'd go up to 6 parts but oh well, you guys now have all the videos and anything that's on here is in the video, I will be making some more videos that mention some key points but that will be tonight.
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    1024114 fluff drops probably wasn't a good idea. ;)
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  12. Hi!

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    Updated, was tired so there might have been a couple stuff I missed but oh well
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