Those who play Warsow

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Disci, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Disci

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  2. snob

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    Yay, no more flawed armors.
  3. LindN

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    warsow is only fun for the race maps.

    yes you heard it right here bro'

    also instagib duels :D
  4. Disci

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    Your opinion is now ignored. NEXT!
  5. snapplefish

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    Bring back .42 imo
  6. MightySheep

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    I got warsow but I never liked it very much
  7. U8er

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    awesome, thanks for posting the link. :cool:
  8. When I think of warsow I think of a bad version of quake live, and when I think of quake live, I think of a bad version of Quake. nuff said.
  9. Disci

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    Why do you compaire it to Quake instead of Unreal? :(
  10. Because I never got the chance to play Unreal :(
  11. radiofriendly

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    Could be because it has the same weapons, bunnyhopping, scale, layouts, and even hitsounds. It's not exactly trying to hide the fact that it wants to be Q3++.
  12. Disci

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    Yet it is a different game with its own sauce. Compairing it to Q3 is the same as compairing Legions to Tribes. You must understand it's silly.
  13. radiofriendly

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    Yeah, it is... But just like Legions isn't hiding it's Tribal heritage, Warsow isn't hiding its Q3 origins. Warsaw has evolved from the school of bunnyhopping and rocketjumps, not from shock combo's and xlocs.
  14. Daphinicus

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    Come now, it's certainly not the same game, but Warsow is closer to Quake than anything else despite being quite unique, just like Legions is closer to Tribes than anything else. Comparing Legions to Tribes isn't silly at all; neither is comparing Warsow to Quake, even though differences do exist and change the game considerably.

    Not that I agree Warsow's a bad version of Quake Live. Just sayin', Warsow-Quake comparisons are perfectly valid.

    And for the love of God, no, I don't mean to start up a Legions/Tribes similarity debate. Breathe, people.

    [Edit: Bah, scooped.]