Summer CTF Tournament Month: August

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    This tournament will go down each month, with new winners being declared. It will occur on 1:00 Pm Central, 12:00 PST, 2:00 Pm EST (7pm in UK, for you euros). Teams may change the time if the opposing team they're scheduled with agrees.

    (Time may change once school starts, although it most likely will be done on weekends)

    Rules are that it must be a minimum of 7 players each team (Captains will decide on how much per team if more than 7). And captains must also decide on the number of games they will play beforehand, (Minimum of 2, and must be an even number), team scores will add up, and the winner will go to the team with the most points.

    The reason the number of games must be even is, if a US team is scheduled with a Euro team, half of the game will be done on a US server and the other half on Euro.

    For example: Team 1 and team 2 decides to play 2 games, Team 1 wins first game 8-7, Team 1 and 2 tie the second game 7-7, Team 1 wins with the total of 15 points.

    Maps will be chosen by the captain who wins the coin toss which will be done by a mediator (Most likely an admin or moderator).

    After map is chosen, both teams will have 3 minutes to get ready, and an extra 2 minutes if they call for it. But, it may not exceed 5 minutes total.

    There are no rules on tactics deployed by teams in the game, they may have 2 HoFs, 5 snipers, or whatever it may be. Choose your tactics carefully, and good luck.

    Below, if you have a team and would like to participate, put in the team name, region (US, Euro, Asia), roster (including subs), and captains or people who can be contacted about scheduling a game.

    Tournament will start in 7 days, starting on August 1st. 7 days is enough to gather players.

    For more competition to join, see Random Scrimmage.

    There will be winners and losers bracket.

    I will think up of some more ways to include more games during the month.
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    Hope more teams sign up this time...good luck everyone :)
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    I'm in, whos with me?


    Greatest of sometimes..

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  5. I actually liked the four team thing. It worked out pretty well.